Sunday, August 13, 2006

Be Strong

Be strong in love, O heart of mine!!
Live not for elf alone,
But find, in blessing other lives,
Completeness for thine own.

Seek every hungering heart to feed,
Each saddened heart to cheer;
And when stern justice stands aloof,
In pity thou draw near.

Kind loving words and helping hands
Have won more soul to heaven
Than all the dogmas and the creeds
By priest and sages given

Be strong to hope, O heart of mine!!
Look not on life’s dark side;
For just beyond these gloomy hours
Rich, radiant days abide.

Let hope, like summer’s rainbow bright,
Scatter thy falling tears;
And let God’s special promises
Dispel all anxious fears.

To every grief a Lethe comes,
For every toil a rest;
So hope, so love, so patient bear~
God doeth all things best!

I'll stay strong no matter how tough life will be..will take good care of myself here...don't worry is wonderful as long as i haf faith and think positively...will ask God for guidance and blessings and hope that i'll do great in everything....take good care of urself in Kuching!! I'll be back soon to hug u again! u and miss u 2.....


Friday, August 11, 2006

Cha cha cha.... happy happy days~~~
yo!! hehe..wonderful day wonderful i had my Science Curriculum test...Chapter 1 & chapter all about the consep of curriculum & Science & techonology...hehe...was feeling alrite cuz i understand the content of the syllabus....but yet, answering & understanding the questions in test is another thing...hehe...but hopefully i will do well fer it...did tried my best already...haha.... was so relief after the test...tats y was feeling real good & wonderful...hehe...ha dinner with jess, fong & fu sheng...( my buddies here)...i had chicken rice fer dinner...kinda sick of eatng the same food almost every dinner...but wad to's in uni is like tat..either u eat or u is stil eat lor!!~

oh ya!! forgot to tell ya all tat i took part in the aerobic competition las nite...haha...had been training fer the las few days every nite 9pm till 11pm....haha...overall not bad but somehow we didn managed to get the top 3...ended up n 6th place i think...(out of 10 colleges)...haha...wel...anyway,the important thing is the proses not the result!!! i got to learn new steps fer aerobic which we created ourselves....haha...mus be hard to imagine ida dancing aerobic issit??? haha...but hey, i had a GREAt time!!! i get to noe a lot of new gals...they are all really nice...we even had our own uniform fer aerobic!! haha..i love the since the competition is over, i start to miss the aerobic session evrynite...hehe..cuz u get to exercise & sweat...tat is realy good fer us...

and gues wad i did ?? haha... i got to learned CHa Cha & Waltz!!! wow...i really enjoyed myself!!! i love to learn the steps...& eventually...hiak hiak hiak....i got the potential...haha...sorry hor...but i really do!!! haha...was enjoying senior taught us the's actually a practise fer the mandarin class camp tis week end...haha..but i joined the practise jes to learn the steps...haha...& now..yeah!!! i noe how to dance the cha cha & least fer a song or enjoy lar...haha....

another happy thing happened to me is that...i went fer the interview to becum a mandarin class tutor...haha...guess wad??!! i got it!! now im an official mandarin tutor fer the mandarin class in UTM!!! haha...the mandarin class is set up by a group of seniors...hehe...students from other races, such as malays & indians will register themselves fer the mandarin class...tats really nice isnt it??? i was really in to it so i gave it a i ll be starting class next week, every tuesday nite...2 hours of mandarin tuition..haha...ill be teaching "han yu pin Ying"...we will also teach the students to write chinese caligraphy, play chinese chess & lots more....but that will be later on....hehe...hope everything turn out smooth tat day...i ll be teaching with another 2 thr will be 3 tutors in a section is HYB02 (B)...hehe...wish me luck ya!!!

well..tats another week passing, time flies here...weeks by weeks jes passed like tat...kinda scary wh..hehe...mayb is becuz our time are really packed and we are fully occupied wif our homework, assignmnts and tests~ yo...really need space & time to breath lar...m looking forward to go bac home soon...hehe..miss my mum, my dad, my 2 cute sis!!! my grandma, my grandpa, my mammii,daddii & ah Gal!!! haha...& also my pillow, the food......everything about home....Kuching,SArAwaK....everything...haha...never forget my dear oso!!! blek! worries,will be bac soon!! yeah!! feel happy jes thinking of tat...hehe...wel, tats all...tmr is friday...class starts at 10am but 8am ard need to go library to search fer articles...hehe..gotta rest!! muacks!!! stay happy & think positif!! life is great when u feel great!!! yeah!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't Quit
When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all up the hill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
REST, if you must, but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many of failure turns about
When he ight have won had he stuck it out;
Don't give u though the pace seems slow....
You may succeed with another blow.
Success is failure turned inside out...
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit~
It's when things seem worst that YOU MUST NOT QUIT!!
Yeah!!! tat shud be the way!! i hope that this poem will inspire you all in evrything u faced in life!! just remember, don't quit and stick to the fight!!! you will never noe how close u are to success!!~ all the best, my dear frens!!
assignments & tests & walking...never ending…

it had been a busy week fer me...busy wif assignments and test!! Organic chemistry (SSC1603), though NOT difficult but still haf to study cuz wanted to my best fer it...hehe...slept realy "early" fer da past 4 days...only mus pass 2am den i can settle all my things and get my sleep...haiz...awful isnt it...but wad to do...luckily was ok fer me to sleep 5 hours a day...hehe...but on wedsday, i had fever!!!was busy the whole day searching sources fer my assignment (TITAS)...was in the library looking fer artcles in jounal....gosh, im like a law student ard...haha...reading piles of "Malaysian Law & comparative Law"!!! wad to do...i need it so much...reached home late....very very tired...i tin tats y i got the fever...too heaty...ate 2 panadols and sept at 1130 pm smth...i think tat was the earliest day i slept since i came here....haha....

had my organic test yesterday at 0900...but guess wad, is saturday n thr's usually no bus, so we had to walk all the way from or college to the hall t sit fer our test.. normally is ok fer me to walk to the takes 20-25 minutes...but we ar required to wear formal as we goin to attend a motivational talk later after our test which means i haf to wear my heels...wahaha...ended up wif blister...wad to do...hehe... test was ok fer me...4got sum part of hall is very big & thr are also students from other faculty taking the me the feeling like siting fer SPM or STPM...haha...another thing bout the hall is ...very dirty lar!!! aiyo..the chair and the table is so dirty that wen i jes touched it wif my hands, my hand turned black!! didn bring any really bo pien..oso sit down n had the test.... after test..walk bac again...tis mrg was down hill so not so up up the way we go!! haha...exercise lor...attended the talk..was given by one of the lecturer in our faculty who teaches Philosophy of education...was talking all bout how we shud balance ourselves not only to excel in studies but oso curriculum and haf a good social life...not bad fer me cuz i did learned smth from him...den we got the chance to rest~ finally!! laid on my bed fer a while...was tired but cant i wake up n tidy my room roomate's parents to noe her parents and her sister...her sister was really nice..she's from USM...graduated ard...hehe...

at nite, i went to watch tis dance performance organized by the "flying dance studio" of my Uni,it was in JOTIC, jb......very nice..but the dance are not mdern dance like wad we usually see...they are more mixture dancing n the main puposes is to reveal the social problems of teenagers of today's the dance themes are : "Pa"( about the conflict between father & daughter), "membrane" (the faces behind the masks of ppl), "Enough" ( enuf of listening, enuf of being wrong all the time ), "Women's heart", "Different"( different ppl, different story) and "canned food meal".....

the theme fer the night is "PourQuo" which means "why" in is written tat is, is a comtempory world we are living in today. when material sufficiency and physical comfort become essential in our life, ppl tends to live their life occupying themselves with tasks and entertainment. the spiritual part has been abandoned. tats y we begin to overlook reasons to care, to be concerned, to be conscious of everything else. we have forgotten to ask...tats y this theme "pourquo" is chosen....i think the theme is really nice...& i enjoyed the dance..all the dancers really put in efforts in performing...i admire tat....

went bac aron 11pm...gues wad again?! i had to walk bac again to my college from the Uni's front gate...haha.....tats y I say….assignments, test & walking….never ending… =)