Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OoPs..i did it again...=.="

I just back from Senai airport after sending off tyng and hming..their flight to Kuching departed at 835pm...ah..how i wish i was with them, so now i will be on my way home...haha...but is just wishing....i still have to stay back to continue my teaching practise until end of October!~=) guess i just have to stay put in Johor...

At Senai Airport, Johor

I love this trio~

Look at Hui Ming!~ so cute!!~

mE & you

I was very happy that tyng and hming were here..they came from Singapore after they took a train from KL...haha...im sure they enjoyed themselves very much...they spent two days with me (but not exactly 2 days 'cause i had to 'work') and spent their monday night on my bed~haha....my dear friends...this is hming's first time to Johor and of course UTM, but is tyng's second time...she was here during my first year second sem which was almost one year ago..haha..how time flies...

we also managed to meet with Sui Chen and we went out for dinner last night together with Cyong..haha...4 girls and 1 guy...Cyong said we can all be his sisters if the guard happens to ask for identification...haha...we had a great time in my car!~haha..u guys must hear this...they bought DURIANS (they were discussing about D24 - a new brand i heard)!!! since everyone craned for it but due to lack of companies, so they didn got the chance to buy and eat it!~so this is their opportunity!!! Hming was so excited...haha...Cyong and tyng chose 3 durians at a roadside stall which cost RM3 per kg (they sell by kgs!!~this is the first time i see durian sell by kgs eh...) and we...i mean they decided to have it after dinner!~haha...for your information, i don't eat durians~ sorry, i know,m i calling myself a Malaysian??haha..thats wad my dad always said to me...but hye...i don't reject its smell or anything...but just....chotto matte kudasai....u can pass me...haha....so there they were...enjoying the King of Fruits...

Tauke...the durian guarantee ho boh??=)

durian!! durian!!

while i was happily watching them enjoying their dessert, tyng and the gang 'encouraged' me to try it for just a small piece..my gosh..i really want to reject it...hahaha..but, i know..whats the harm rite?? so......behold....ida's first encounter with the KING....

i swallowed it...hahaha....there you have it...gosh!~@.@

after dinner, we even went to visit Cyong's hostel...haha...Sim Chee Yong bringing 4 girls into boys' hostel..that would be the headline in UTM bulletin...haha...nah~ just a 5 minutes tour...haha....but his room is really super big nar...haha...very nice....

then sui chen hanged around in my room and we spent the time chatting and watching funny video clips i took during some of my Uni's activities...haha...after that, we had to walk Sui chen back to her college (hostel) which is at the down hill of my college....the night was cold but the feeling was warm to have best friends walking beside you...haha....

I was sharing the stories with hming and sui chen about what happened to me in first year where i fell down right in front of my Uni' library (oh my gosh...that was really embarrasing!!~) and the other time when i fell down (actually kneeled down) as i accidentally 'kicked' the drain and lost my balance at K9 cafe (which was just outside sui chen's college)..hmmm...i think that was during my second year~those were really embarrasing moments in my Uni's life but i get over it very soon....hahaha....When i think back, is kinda cool~haha..how often u get to fall down since u are my age??? i know i do because i did it again!!! I fell down again today!!!~

@#$%*#$@ dui...........

i fell down right in front of a plaza's cafe!!~and in addition, i was in my baju kurung where i went there after my school today just to buy the gifts i wanted to pass it to tyng to bring back to my family...oh my gosh...it was very very.......pai seh lar~~~~i didn even bother to look back!~hahaha...a kind lady heard the sound i made (i guessed..haha) and asked me whether im ok~~so nice of her, but i didn get her name..haha..cuz i just reply "ok,ok" stand up, walk straight and never looked back!~=.=" this is my 3rd experience so far...please God...i dont want to make it an annual experience to be put in my diary!!~hahaha.....

now both my knees and my elbows are in pain...=( Blue-blacked all over.....haha....my trademark..haiz~luckily tyng and hming tried to massage for me to get rid of my blue-blacks cuz for sure i don't think i will do it myself so 'hardly'...my tears were dropping when they did that for me at the airport!!~waseh..really 'kick' ahhhhhh.......

oh..today my lecturer came for my 1st supervision and evaluated me for my teaching....im so glad to share that i got very positive feedbacks from her...she enjoyed my class and so did my students of form 1 SETIA...i was teaching about the various forms of energy...thanked God i was able to start of with an interesting induction set by switching off all the lights and fan before i start to teach and my actions made the students curious because after i did that, the lab became dark and hot, so how to study like that??!!haha...thats the point! so when i asked for in exchange to switch on the lights and fans, they have to give me the forms of energy that existed, so yes they did!~ clever girls...light energy for the lights and kinetics energy for the fans!~ BINGO!~ then i continued my lesson...everything went well and everyone was happy...i was really tasting the fulfillment of becoming a teacher and i know i will try even harder next time to teach my students!~ so to all my friends doing ur teaching practise, all the best and just do ur teaching wholeheartedly!~ Im sure u guys will do great!!~ Ganbatte nee....=)

there goes my first observation by my lecturer, Dr. Faizah Bt Abdul Ghani who got a doctorate in counselling....she is a very nice person and i know i can learn a lot from her....will get the best of her and appreciate every advice and guidance she gave me...

so now....since my "injuries" are giving me pain and im sure i will feel the effects even greater tomorrow! i will take my rest earlier tonight...hehe...im happy today..really happy....ard started to miss tyng and hming....miss their presence here with me...haha..but i m looking forward to see them soon!!~

^^ i love this two pics!~

Hui Ming, mE, Sui Chen, tYng
missing in action : Sing Joo and Chieh Ping =)

love yea!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flora Fest 2008

Date : 26 JULY 2008 (Saturday)
Venue : Dataran Bandaraya , Johor Bahru

It was a cold morning and i woke up at 5am just to get ready to go to school. I will be following my school bus with my school band to participate in the Malaysia Flora Fest 2008 near Danga Bay.I took many photos and the atmosphere was spectacular.Our Yang Di-pertuan Agong and Prime Minister both attended the festival and the event was a success! it made my day, a colourful one indeed!~=)

Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru

warming up ~

8 years-old kids with 'wings'~so cute...

Float Participation 2008
Marching Bands

Terengganu Darul Iman


Negeri Sembilan


The Land of Hornbills

I miss HOME~

little elves

Kedah Darul Aman

Brass band


The eagles spread their wings

Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan

Another brass band (look at him, so cute)



Macau Goverment Tourist Office

Su-Zhou Tourism
Pasir Gudang School Band
Muar- School Band
SJM School Band


Dancers in pink~

Kuala Lumpur

Nicely decorated Flower Umbrellas


Finally, Sekolah Tun Fatimah BAND!!!

Band Majorette~

very neat!~cool girls~

The finishing theme dance~

Just mE & iZzah~=) *cheers*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talk on Effective Microbe(EM)
by J-Biotech

Date : 23 July 2008 (Wednesday)
Time : 3pm - 430pm
Venue : Bestari Hall, STF


Posters on EM in Japan (The Japanese started 15 years ago!! just imagine....)

some of the herbal plants

Products of EM (for environment, aquaculture, agriculture, livestock and household)

Beauty products (for body and hair) made from natural herbs and energy drink made from virgin coconut oil!~cool

Special container for the house decomposition of discarded food to get the organic fertilizer by using EM as the agent, also imported from JAPAN!!~

More EM products!!
Natural Oil-helps to strengthen body's health and keeps you young! Imported from JAPAN and it cost RM200++ per bottle!!~
Kitchen soap-contains friendly bacteria which kills the "bad" bacteria from your hand

Ceramic and mud ball-environmental friendly, helps to clean polluted rivers/streams/ponds

From left: Mr. Azman(PK Ko-Q), Mr Naim(Speaker on EM), mE, Pn. Lim(Head of Science Department, Pn. Norsidah(My mentor and Head of Science Panel) and the lab assistant for Chemistry Lab