Friday, March 25, 2011

Counting down to your birthday, 26th March 2011

A special day for a special boy whose heart i called mine
It's a pity his side is not where I am now
But we both know that the days for us to cuddle and smile
Can't be too far away from now

Today you turned 25 years old
and soon i will do too
Growing up has never been so fun and whole
with all the laughters i shared with you, oh and the tears we had too

The funny thing is i never feel days are old with you
no matter how things will change or how long the journey will lead us
I always want to remember there is only one you and only really just you
that will make the perfect you and me, the perfect us^^

Babe, im not very good at this but I still want to write something for you on your birthday
so bear with me and let our hearts do the magic
Because it is only with you whom I want to spend my days
and one day may we walk hand in hand towards our most wonderful dream^^

I Love YOU with all my heart!

(a little parcel of love for you)
and oh yes, I miss you very much too!

26th March, 2011
Your 10th Birthday with me and with God's blessing
From here on, more blissful days and lovely birthdays to come.

Forever yours, da