Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keeping Fit..
First stop Mt Santubong...
Next stop, Mt Kinabalu, Here we come!

it had been two "healthy" days for us..haha...=p we started to have our stamina training to prepare ourselves for our Sabah mountain climbing trip~ Tyng and Calvin finally finished their final exams on Tuesday so we started the training staright away on Wedsday.

we meet up at Reservoir Park early morning at 6am to do jogging and training on stairs. it takes good stamina and energy especially to climb up those!~but after jogging, the sweating really makes u feel great and keep u fresh for the day...hehe..i know i do, even my sleep was nice!~haha...

so is Thursday again, only less than 3 more weeks before i go back to UTM to start my practical...('.')...dont know what is there waiting for me..haha..oh well, what the heck? still having my holiday, better not spoil the mood~

we will be going to Mt Santubong next monday for a 2 day 1 night trip..haha...yape, going to stay overnight at the mountain top..i climbed mt Santubong once when i finished my we are going again, still with calvin, tommy and khee, but this time with tyng, han and jia yiing!~speaking of it, my first time with mt Santubong was really interesting...many stories to tell...haha..but i better not start it now, let's see what is it this time...but guys, i just love it!!enjoyed the whole thing about it this time, i must bring my camera!! last time, none of us brought along a camera and all we have is calvin's handphone's cam...haha..took one picture while i was climbing and one with the sunrise...hahaha..... really looking forward to it!!! & guess what?!the following Monday, we will be on our way to SABAH!!~ wow..tight schedule though, but i like it! hahaha....the experience awaits!! =)

December 2006
Mt Santubong, Kuching

Monday, June 16, 2008

What have I been doing??

hmmm..Let's see...


I gladly agreed to help my teacher, Pn Bong with some office work when she called me the week before and that i will start to work on Monday. I had to say it is really nice when you have some work to do.haha..i was feeling like a clerk. =P with all the data to key in, papers to be file up...well, at least i get to work my brain when im calculating the data sheet on the drivers' driving for the week, i worked for 3 days...On thursday & friday, i promised to help one of my employee, Mdm Hung to sit in as a tuition teacher for 2 sessions. I had to admit i was really excited to be able to teach again as my intial aim is to teach for the holidays..haha..oh well, but it turned out real nice as i taught the primary 6 students (almost30 of them!!) their Science and Mandarin subject.the first session was a starter for i had not been in a class for so long, especially a class with 20 plus active primary 6 kids, i had to raise my voice!~haha..and again, to read out loud and repeat the questions discussed, i felt a bit of sore throat coming up..haha..luckily nth really happened to my throat...=P the next day, i continued the Mandarin session (which is one of my favourite subjects) by discussing MCQ, 1 dictation and 1 essay...the kids are hardworking but some just cannot stop disturbing their friends or they just enjoy being a chatter...haha...the kids were "lao shi (teacher)" here and there...i really enjoyed myself..haha..when the session ended, i was bringing home a pile of essay the kids had done to be marked...checking the spelling and the grammar really takes up time but personally, i want the best for them because i want them to know the right word strokes and the right words to use..haha..i mayb thinking too much for the 2 sessions because after that, when mdm Hung asked me to come back to continue teach, i had to reject her because firstly, i ard promised Pn. Bong that i will help her and secondly, i dun think i have the time for it..i still got family to spend time with, friends to hang out...hehe..and i spent my saturday with my best friend, Tyng at the state library while i revise my Japanese and she revising her Accounting..after that we went to have laksa and ice at our favourite spot, the stalls near to Jubilee...that's for the week~=)

1/06/08 (Sun) - 07/06/08 (Sat)

01/06/08 Happie birthday mami Roslind!~=) we went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner..

Handmade by me..haha...
with love..=)

SELAMAT HARI GAWAI!! Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai~ hehe.this is how they said it in their own a lovely Sunday and i went to church with my be exact only me and mum and dad managed to wake up..haha..both my sis overslept and we cannot wait fer them as the mass starts at 730 a usual sunday where we had breakfast together after church and then headed home...once home, after laying there enjoying a movie, mum started to make us clean the house and particularly one of our store room...=p in the process of cleaning and rearranging all the stuff, so many things and memories came back..i found one of my notebook where i wrote down some of my feelings after i broke up with edwin...the sms i gt from my sweet when i read it and recall back...i even found my autograph book from my primary school!! cute and funny when i look at my writing...hahahaha...miss the good old days! after that, i decided to clean my room too....getting rid all the old clothes which i seldom my wardrobe is slightly different than last time..some of the shirts are replaced with my baju kurungs and my working suits...haha..well, we will grow up someday~ start to work and eventually stepped into the real, come to think of it, kinda full of challenge though!~ oh well...haha...

this week i continue to help Pn. Bong...but this week was kinda fun as we had events going on on Friday night and Saturday night~Min Soon Transport company was celebrating its 33rd Anniversary and in conjunction with that, the company also organised a Singing Competition at 17th Mile Community hall on 8th July 2008. the contestants were superb!~haha...a girl who looks really like Ella from S.H.E (will get her photos soon, see it for yourself!~) appeared champion for the open group...she sang two songs from A-mei and it was very energetic and a powerful performance~ no wonder she got No.1! will tell the event that night..just wait...

still remember the Habitat project that i went last last....saturday?? well, i went again this week's saturday. and guess what?!~ the house was almost done!!~wow...we went there and we started to paint the coating!!~ isnt it fast?? is a simple house with 3 rooms, a space for the living room and a kitchen..haha....there were around 10 of us, i went with tchyang and cyong..han and wei got things to do and couldnt make it that day..eric was there, as usual kept making jokes and making us as relax as really nice..the auntie even made the rice dumplings!~as it was the rice dumpling festival that was delicious...everyone was happy...i was concentrating on the painting when my head was "accidentally" painted by Sim Cyong!!~=.="...luckily it could be wash, or he will get one on his face too..hahahhaha...just kidding!~anyway, is fun doing all the painting stuff....=)

the square that we made 3 weeks ago!!~

another thing happened this week!! tyng cut her hair!!!i was shocked when i see her ('cause is out of my expectation!!!)haha...but it really look nice on her...i said she looks 3 years younger!!hahaha....hmmm...i m still thinking of going for a hair cut..haha...soon!!!~

That was a really nice week!~ my time was well spent..every second of it!!!~ haha...=)

08/06/08(Sun) - 15/06/08(Sun)

So...this is this week..haha...still, i went to help Pn. Bong at office on Tuesday and Wedsday where Wedsday was Safety day for Shell...thanks to Pn. Bong , i followed the staff to join the launching of Safety day that morning. The theme for this year is " Small Changes. Big Difference". they gave everyone this pledge card where those who got it was supposed to write dwn something that they think they can do just to make that small changes in their daily work and contributing to make a was really a good idea..the activity is aimed at achieving Goal Zero or zero fatalities in Shell stations among employees and customers due to crime or is very important to be higly alert when it comes to working at Shell...that's why goal zero was their main aim...after the short lauching, refreshment was served and then we went to attend a talk given by a doctor from KSH on egronomics..i found it a very interesting talk...where he stressed on the importance of making the working environment to the working people where all of us should be concerned about the comfortness and suitability of our working place...becuase if we do not have concern for that, we might ended up having backaches or even eyesight problems as for the modern world, the most frequent tool to use is the computer...then, he did came up with one of this suggestion which is called the 20-20-20 for all those who work constantly using computer..that is

for every 20 minutes, rest for 20 seconds and look 20 feet away from the computer!!
there you go...personally i think is a very good method at least to let ur eyes rest and for you time to relax ur body muscles before you continue your work...hehe...keep that in mind guys!! 20-20-20!!
that was wedsday 11/06/08...the next day, i curled my hair before i went to help out my sis as extra eyes for her engagement dress at Alvin Leong Photography..hahaha...she tried on a few..she looked really elegant in most of it..but she didn really get to decide which to! sis is getting engaged!! very happy for her...oh well, like i said, everyone will grow up one day!~ pics on its way soon!!~haha...

my mum's birthday!~spagetti and hotplate dinner at home!~=)

watched The Incredible Hulk at Star at 11am!!~ haha...went with tchyang and wei and han...very nice movie!~funny and the actions were very cool!!hehe...early celebration of my grandma's birthday!~ dinner at Sarawak Club!~

Happy Father's day!!~ love u papa, love u Gong gong, love u dadi!!~had lunch at grandpa's house...grandma's (my dad's mum) nasi lemak was dddeeeliciousss!!!!~yummy!!!no other nasi lemak can be compared to hers!!haha... dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant with Brayman & family!~& Happy birthday to my Grandma(my mum's mum)!!~
wow...there goes my 3 weeks!! is Monday..tyng will be having her last final paper and kimching's tomorrow!!~ knot wait till everyone is free and we will be preparing for our Sabah Mt Kinabalu Climbing training~hehe...well, that's all for the 3 is only the photos~

well guys, great weeks ahead!!cheers!!god speed..=)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

STS 6S1 Gathering

To all my classmates of U6S1 (year 2005/2006), there will be a gathering on July 2 at Secret Recipe, The Spring. i got this invitation from Koh Ing. I'm so sorry i cannot make it that day because i will be at Sabah climbing Mt Kinabalu~=) so sorry guys, hope to join u guys next time. Enjoy!!=) take k!