Monday, August 30, 2010

Loving yourself

Last night, i wrote a post in my fb.

"Sometimes cares fall on deaf ears,sometimes love brings so much hurt,at times hearts seem so near yet is so far and at times u dont understand why.You can never tell a child what is he going to be when he grows up,bt you can tell him how he can be better.I can never know what is there for me tomorrow,but i know i can smile now and make today a day to remember.You only live for once,so do it now!Love yourself~"

In life,so many ups and downs to go through.we never know what is going to happen next.Things can be complicated, things can be simple.It just depends on how you take it i guess. I'm a simple girl i think. simple things can make me very happy. when sometimes things just turn out to be aint as simple as i thought they should be and making my heart sad, i'll just have ice cream!!!haha.funny though...but it works, all-the-time!!! especially oreo cookie vanilla ice cream, it works the best! =p I just love being myself.

It's my final week in Japan.Ill be having my final presentation on Wednesday. There will be a total of three presentations.

1. The Partner University Visit
2. The Interview
3. The Poem

and guess wad, for the interview they actually will make it live on ustream on the internet. This is the first time they do it. But is my first time too! haha.going to present in a formal settings in full japanese!!!

Wanna share my first time with me?? I'll be glad to have you all with me during my presentation.I'll do my best~just dont laugh at my japanese language.hehe^^

here's the time to watch the live stream of my group presentation
, my group will be the second to present so it will be around 1350-1400 i think.

Japan time: 13 30 - 15 40/Malaysia time: 1230 - 1440

im really going to remember all the things i did here in Japan. It is such a life-experiencing. Thanked God for my beautiful life.I'll be having a busy week. After my presentation on Wednesday,i'll be off to KYOTO and NARA!!! cant wait to visit that beautiful place in Japan.but first thing first, presentation preparation!!!~

so im going off to practise my poem...haha.a japanese poem,interesting~

Let's have a beautiful dream tonight.
Nite nite~


Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sunday in Japan

After a long day out in Osaka,today i find staying in my room doing pretty much nothing is something i enjoyed too.

woke up as usual at 630am, had a wonderful breakfast like always and started tidying my room~it was kinda messy for me since it was a busy week with the travelling and preparation for presentation.finally,i get a tidy room but still a table full of materials.hmmm~books and table is always full!

well,had a good lunch and a great chit chat with Katie in the centre canteen. It was so much fun chatting with her practically about everything!!!im going to miss her so much!!i know i sure will!~we were talking about our up coming Kyoto.Nara trip when we started to talk about shika, which means deer in Japanese. She was telling me that the shika in Kyoto are like running around the park without even bother about anything.In New Zealand, you cant really see shika cuz they are hiding in the bushes so that they wont be shot by hunters!!! and i was like...what?? I have shika in my Uni but they were in cages so that they wont run around and definitely no one's going to shoot them i think.

then we had this crazy thought that, what if we put the Kyoto's shika to New Zealand, the New Zealand's shika to UTM and UTM's shika to Kyoto.what will the situation be???

so the Kyoto's shika in NZ will be like:" why is everyone shooting at us??why????"
NZ's shika in UTM will be like:"Ouch~why is there cage around us? where's the bushes?where??where??"
lastly,UTM's shika in Kyoto will be going:"Why is this cage so big??I cant see the end of it!u sure??where's the food?" was so funny when we were doing the shika's expression...haha.gosh,tats really funny at that moment!

how funny when even animals are so used to their environment,they actually had their mind set on it.
what more it is for humans?=)
we really should be experiencing and getting to know more before we had our head stuck on to something which might not be the same at different time,different places with different people!!!

is cool though to hang out with her^^I love u KATIE!!!

now,is almost 10pm in Japan which is about one hour earlier in Malaysia.but im feeling a bit sleepy as im doing my stuff for the presentation preparation and having Ume Wain at the same time.It's tasty and smells really good too~^^

Drinking Japanese wine while listening to Japanese songs under the night sky in Japan...this is really something worth remembering!!!

I'm happy. Thank you dear God.

Guess i'll be off to bed soon.Sweet dreams.

A day with myself in OSAKA

I had the most wonderful day yesterday!☆☆~

Since this is my last 2nd weekend in Osaka, i decided to buy myself the one-day pass for Osaka visit which cost me 2300yen and I used it yesterday.

My plan was to visit 6 places,
1. The Teunoji Zoo
2. The Sakuya Great Observatory
3. The Maritime Museum
4. The Stata Maria
5. The Umeda Hep Five Ferrie Wheel
6. The Floating Garden of Osaka

My day trip started at Rinku town where i boarded the 8:47a.m. Nankai Line train.Let me list out my kinda cool as u get to experience how convenient is the Train system in Japan!^^

0847 りんくうタウン(南海線)  天下茶屋(堺筋線)  動物園前
「天王寺動物園」 admission fee: 500yen

1140 動物園前(堺筋線 長堀橋(長堀鶴見緑地線)  鶴見緑地
「咲くやこの花館」 admission fee: 500yen

1303 鶴見緑地(長堀鶴見緑地線)  森ノ宮(中央線)  コスモクエア
「なにわの海の時空館」 admission fee: 600yen

1506 コスモクエア(中央線) 大阪港
「サンタマリア」 admission fee:1600yen

1700 大阪港(中央線)  本町(御堂筋線)  梅田
「HEP FIVE 観覧車」 admission fee: 500yen

「空中庭園展望台」admission fee: 700yen
2050 梅田(御堂筋線)  難波(南海線)  2141 りんくうタウン^^

I was so happy that i managed to visit all these places according to my plan and the trip was so worth it!!!the admission fee was already 4400yen even without the charge of train fees.I had a great time walking around, sightseeing and taking pictures to keep as my memories. I know my mum will be really happy and i might be spending the night telling her about the places i ve been. One day, il bring her and my dear sisters around Japan too^^

I even did some shopping in Umeda Hep Five Shopping mall^^hehe.thought of buying a backpack as mine has a large rip infront.but i cant find anything orange that i like! definitely get something orange for my new bag. I didn got a bag in the end, but i bought a top for myself. simple as it is, i like it^^

It was really a great experience going around the city by myself. I was supposed to meet up with my friends at the Maritime Museum but eventually we failed to do so.without having their numbers,i was unable to contact them. By myself,i did enjoyed my journey and i know this will be one of my most unforgetable day!!!^^

Another 10 more days to go before this program ends and i'll be heading back to Malaysia. Im sure going miss my dayssssss in Japan!!! till i write again, il make sure il spent the rest of my time in Japan to the fullest!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Back to Osaka.

A total of 4 hours 32 minutes travelling (I told u already how Japanese are so precise with time^^) with a distance of 666.5km!haha.I'm back safe and sound.A little tired from the travelling but i think il do fine with a good night sleep later~

Finally, I can say, "Tsukuba University, I was there!" Of course if i got the chance i would like to say, "Yea, I'm from Tsukuba University^^" but i guess that's going to be another one or two years before i can know whether I can go. I look forward to it~

This week just pass in a blink of eye! Tomorrow is friday and I'll be having a session to learn about Japanese Drum 太鼓(Taiko). Though i had a little exposure done back in Tsukuba this morning, cant wait to do it again with my UP buddies^^

Take a look at the pictures took this morning for the Japanese Musical Instruments & Odori(dance) exposure.

we had so much fun.the students even did some performances which was overwhelming especially how they perform with such lively spirit!

watch it for yourself and feel the beat!!!

It was cool isnt it?! we all enjoyed ourself^^

guess wad i'm doing now? waiting for my laundry.haha.after a busy week, is time to get my clothes washed especially since i didn bring many of them =p then again wad now? I have to do HOMEWORK~

My reflection of first two weeks

haha.yea, we are required to write memos about what we know about the Japanese Society and Culture(the white memos) and about the Japanese language that we learned*(the blue memos) during a certain period. It's useful to me. At least i get to write out what I see, I hear, I think and I feel~ it sorts out your learning process and you actually see all the pieces as a whole after u finish writing them all out.=)

guess i need to get on with my homework now.hehe.feels nice to have the study feeling even though im "half" officially graduated!hahaha.learning never stops! So always be ready to learn.

Greetings from Tsukuba, Ibaraki

I am here.

A view in 筑波大学(Tsukuba University), JAPAN


Here I am, writing from my room, in Tsukuba University, with a yukata on me^^just had a delicious sandwich and orange juice for breakfast. i woke up around 6 as usual.still waking up tat time as in Japan, summer time has shorter the day gets bright very early and my biological clock cant stop waking me up!haha.well,waking up to a beautiful morning is a blessing. i love that feeling!~

will be leaving Tsukuba and heading back to Osaka today. Another 5 hours on traveling and by Shinkansen from ShinTokyo Station to ShinOsaka station and back to Kansai Centre. Will be friday soon and that leaves only 2 more weeks in Japan. Time flies!!! but there's always an end before every new beginning.

After being back from Japan, is going to be a new stage of life for me. I hope il be call for interview soon.but by the time im back,il be busy with my convocation ceremony too. how excited to be able to finally able to say, "mummy, i've graduated!!! thank you and I love u!!!"haha.i know she will be really happy. again, this is another achievement in my life that i want to share with all those whom I love very much. Though some things in life is going to be different now, but i know there will always be a better tomorrow that we can look forward to!!!

Hope, is the best gift that one can give to oneself and happiness will definitely come knocking on our door one day!!!

Smile, 'cuz life can always be beautiful with a contented heart~


Monday, August 23, 2010

Partner University Visit

Finally, I'm going to visit the one university in Japan that i heard so much about it during the days learning Japanese with Kumar Sensei. With Thomas from France and Eva from Solvenia, we will be taking the Shinkansen at 10:47 a.m. tomorrow at the Shinosaka Train Station.

It is amazing how Japanese are so precise with the time. Take for example, in my schedule that i received from the University for our arrival, we are expected to reach at 14:37p.m. where there will be 3 students expecting our arrival. Talking about the time and talking about being on time, Japanese are not just saying it but definitely doing it as well. I think this is something that is worth to follow that makes u not only leaving a good impression for people but also training your time management and discipline yourself^^

No photos to share yet. but i reckon there will be lots after my visit. For now, i saw some Himawari on my way back from the supermart. I love these flowers. too bad hardly see them growing in Malaysia. If i can,il plant them myself one day and i will want a whole garden of them^^it always remind me of the sun which makes me feel warm and strong.

that's wad i will always be^^またね!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today is August 22nd,2010. It is summer in Japan.

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, decided on my blog's new background and did a bit of changes to it. I do miss my old template but i kinda like did it too fast and forgot to save the old template's CSS.haha.well, there goes my old template. Sayounara~

Looking back, how i miss blogging. I used to write about my University life and the thoughts that run through my mind. It's always nice to read about wad was written and remembers the feeling of the particular moments. Then, it was slowly left without updates. Poor thing. Therefore, hereby i give it a new look and as time goes by, i hope i will be writing more about my journey from here, the beautiful things i see, the wonderful people i met and generally about the things i want to share.

I was in Japan since July 28th,2010. After a long 7 hours flight, i was able to set my foot for the first time in a foreign land that gives me the feeling of 'so close yet so far'. Being here is like a dream came true. I had been telling myself that i would want to come to Japan one day. That one day eventually came when i was told by Sensei that i will be going for this Japanese Language Program in Osaka.

How time flies.from the moment i was informed, getting ready with all the necessary registration and visa application, here i am, already completing more than half of the program.This is my fourth week and there will be another two weeks to go.GANBATTE ne! is all im telling myself all the time. Seeing others being so good at Japanese Language just makes me want to become better. Time & determination is all it takes to reach there^^Go for it!

Again,not just wanting to become better, i want to become stronger. Stronger mind and stronger faith, tats all i need now.To be clear about what I want to be and what is important in life.Though it has been a rough road ever since dad made his own decision and left us to continue our life by ourselves, I just know God is watching over me and time will tell everything.

1 more month to go for my graduation!Im feeling extremely excited!Will be able to meet my dear coursemates and friends again. To be able to share the happiness and the joy of achievements and to be able to step onto a new journey upon completing one which was filled with so much memories, I know it will be so beautiful~definitely, anticipating^^

Is going to be Monday again. Another exciting week in Japan. I will be going to Tokyo by Shinkasen again but this time not to explore Tokyo but to visit our Partner University which is Tsukuba University. I always hear the story of campus life in Tsukuba Uni from Sensei, finally i got the chance to see it for myself. How wonderful! I will treasure every moment. In addtion, i will be meeting Yamashita, Asuka, Mamiko & Tanaka again! It is amazing how things work. For that moment, total strangers become friends. As fate steps in, now we will be seeing each other and share the common piece of of life.Life is wonderful~

I pray for a beautiful week to come~Let's make everyday our best day to live!

Till then, will be writing again.