Monday, September 29, 2008

Balik Kampung...balik kampung...

yea, everyone's balik kampung, but i didnt. i will be spending this raya break in UTM. as expected, my college is 95% empty (i think..or maybe more than that!!) is so quiet here, luckily i still have 2 of my ex-housemates staying back at the same wing as roomate found a part time job at McD, so she will be staying out for the week as transportation is more convinient. that means is only me, my laptop and my pillow..haha..sound pathetic?! oh well, not the one who said i don't want to go back when my mum asked me to. is just another three more weeks for me after the break and i will be back in Kuching for my 2 months holidays!!!~yeah rite!~2 months! ('cause there's no finals for me this semester..muahaha..) but not so happy yet!~i will have my Japanese test in Dec..oh dear..lots to catch up...without attending sensei's classes, i have to study it all by myself!! not "so" easy...i hope i can do my best!!~so scary ah...just imagine learning all the grammar by urself without any guidance...i just hope im in time to get all the notes from my friends to help me with my revision....

yeah..spending time in room can be really BORING~~not that i don't want to go out to have fresh air..but most of my friends (westM) are all back to hometown...obviously only Sarawakians and Sabahans will stay back for the break...what to do? watch drama? watch movies? i cannot do that whole eyes will dropped out...hahahhaa....well, i still have paperworks to mark...experiments reports to look through....guess i will be fine....=)..i hope...

miss my family...& my friends...=)

(Selamat Hari Raya in English!i just learned it!=)) to my Muslim Friends and Happy Holidays to all my friends!~ Take care..

a deco from my school




Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sign in >>>>>loading....Oops!>>>>> Try again~

there goes my weekends!~ i cannot sign in MSN!~gosh..something wrong with the key port..guess that gotta do with my college's network..surfing the net is totally fine just not Messenger..ah well, hope this wont happen during raya break!~=.="...
1,2, 10th week!

one more week for my students, who anticipating their raya break before coming back to school for their final exam for the semester. Another five days of teaching just to make it my 10th week of teaching practical in Sekolah Tun Fatimah.Whoa...time really fly!!

I just passed my second observation from my lecturer.It went well so to say.hehe.i enjoyed my class that day and i hope my students did too!they shown improvement on their mind-mapping skill and as i marked their work, I am delighted. They showed me their work with full commitment. I am very happy to see all the improvement and progression they have done. Well, though 4 weeks left, im going to try my best to teach them and finish the last chapter of the syllabus before i left the school. Oh, i already start to miss them just to think im going to end my teaching soon.haha.oh dear..but i have to say,this 10 weeks (until now~) is one of the wonderful moments of my life!~=) haha.I'll keep making memories of these and i hope i can continue to do my best in everything.

May all of my friends and my coursemates continue their best efforts in their teaching! Ganbare everyone!=)

here are some photos of my students that i took during experiment:

Here are some concept maps about difference in heat and temperature that my students did:
( i really didnt expect these but it made my day!!i love those girls~)

This is a special one.haha.i think i wont forget if i have a mind map shaped like this!~well done!~

Sunday, September 14, 2008


日期 : 二零零八年 九月 十四日
地点 : Laman Menanti UTM

Pei Keon & Pei Li *sweet*

Me & Pei Li

~+~Me + Mei Ching + Pei Li~+~


haha...i visited Rizal's blog after the previous post and got really true!~im feeling tired and all im thinking now??...well, is clear!~ my friends and my rest!!!no secrets???haha...thanks rizal and hui hui for sharing a japanese website, is fun, u guys shud try it! just go here and type in your name!~let's see what's in ur brain!!have fun!~




今晚应该是家人团聚的好日子。一家乐融融地在庭中赏月、吃月饼。不过,现在的我身在柔佛,我妈在诗巫,就剩下我爸和小妹在家。我想啊...他们应该也没买月饼吧。说到月饼,我不会吃月饼诶。不知是否家里没人吃,还是很少吃, 我的印象中也没什么关系到吃月饼,所以中秋节,我最没有口福啦!哈哈...=p


今天也是我好朋友的生日。今年的她二十三岁了。不知为何,感觉才刚刚过了她二十二岁生日啊,怎么一下子一年就晃过了。哈...想想我和她也认识了将近八年吧?其实初中一就同校了,但没什么机会认识,因为我转校了。但期间还是有到她家去拜年,(哈!原来我和她的家很靠近!)到了高一,我们同校了但不同班。因为红新月会,友情更深一层。一起毕业了,我们再一起共度中六生涯,又再次同校不同班。回想起,那么多的回忆,那么多的体会,不知为我的生活添了多少色彩。好朋友在一起,分享生活、享受生活...我外婆过世, 我的家里有事,不必说什么,她都会在我身边陪我渡过...不过当然斗嘴、生闷气我们也是少不了,哈...但都无心,更舍不得那份友情。婷,谢谢你!







HYB Nite

Date : 13th September 2008
Venue : M Suite Hotel, Johor Bahru


叶老师, Hong Wu and 傅老师

It was a wonderful night. I was glad i made it. Many of our "senior" seniors came back just for the night. It's the 10th Anniversary of our MANDARIN CLASS SOCIETY!! everyone was excited to see the program lined up for the night. But most importantly, everyone cannot wait to see and meet all our old friends and "collegues"!!! Here are some photos i took during the night. i almost lost my voice when the nite was coming the the end.haha..for what reason im not sure cuz it's not like im shouting or wad, was speaking softer than i m in school teaching!!haha..but i enjoyed my im having my teaching practical at the moment, i sort of lost connections with my friends in HYB!! but luckily, the night is just perfect for our reunion. Xiao Wei was there too. we were excitedly sharing our teaching experience..haha..anyway, the fun part is the photo-taking and the footloose. pictures speak the best.ENJOY!

girls rule!

Diner is served! (im hungry. i didn't have lunch cuz my school canteen didn open today!!=.=")

Xiao Wei, mE, Jenny & Jye Yuan

RocK & Su Ling performing live on stage!~ Su Ling sings sweetly!!! & Ah Rock ROCKS!!!haha..

C.K and Ah Yong.. Ah Yong's voice melts heart...i bet Pei Ling's heart melted too..haha...=p

Ah Rock & I +Partners for the night+

Ms. Kiu & Ms. Ida FUTURE Chemistry Teacher & Science Teacher haha....

The theme of the night: 华忆映时节,楷意传薪庆十年

mE in BLACK =)


Group photo No.1

Haha..The King of the night?? or the Queen??hmmm... (blue ribbon is for the guys, pink is for the ladies)

Me & Ah BEAN
Me & the Queen!!



Chung Huang! pEace eyo!

Cute yuan yuan!

Me & Rizal He speaks mandarin fluently!!~

GROUP PHOTO!!! (u will hear everyone running towards the stage when ppl start shouting this "command"!!haha)
BIG HAPPY FAMILY OF HYB!!!!!! I'm glad im one of them!!! cheers everyone!!!

And to end the night perfectly, i got a lucky draw prize!!!!haha..despite things happened to my car today, i guess im still lucky. (ahem..this is my first lucky draw prize!! i never win any lucky draw before!!haha) so, cheesing with my prize..haha...

TadA~ a bath robe..haha...sponsored by JSaloon..
well, is perfect for my sis, she always want one..haha..

Lovely night...not mentioning my voice become "sexy'..haha..hardly hear wad i said...
well, just purrrfect!~
& when the clock struck 12 midnight...



A Mooncake from PN. Lim (a teacher of STF) and Ferrero Rochers+Full Cream Milk Choc!!
ain't it perfect for a mid autumn? haha..thank you Pn. Lim..really sweet and thoughtful of you..

Last but not least....


happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you....
happy birthday to xiao tyng
happy birthday to you!!!

(remember that my voice was "sexy"??haha...)

My best friend's birthday!!!!haha...wad a special birthday! well, at least she got 2 cakes for her birthday..yeah, birthday cake and mooncake!!!haha...and also a beautiful moon for the night...miss you so much!!! hereby, i wanna say THANK YOU for being my friend, my company and my family!!!hehe..i wish that all ur dreams come true and stay happy always...May God bless you and shower your life with happiness and blessings!!!

Love yea!!muackkss!!!

Have a Happy Happy Birth-dAY!!!!
晓婷, 生日快快乐乐!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

A documentary which was presented by former Vice President Al Gore about the compelling view of the future of our planet - and our civilization. This documentary delivers the message of the danger of global warming and the consequences that we will face if we just let the problem be. Mr. Al Gore's presentation of slides and data showing the all the reasons why we should take the problem seriously and that we must act now to save our only planet Earth, our home.

"Each of us can make changes in the way in which we live our lives and

is a MUST SEE...i don't want our Earth to be "gone" for our children to see and live..
we must do something to preserve it..starting now!~
PROTECT & CARE for our planet

we are our only hope..