Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*WoOf wOoF!! ~WELCOME HOME! =p*

My two NEW family members!!!just got the photos from my sister yesterday...Kawaii nee!!they are still only puppies!!! however..i hope they won't bark at me like im a stranger or wad..(is my home anyway!) hehe...nice to have pets..reminds me of my old pets, my childhood companions..mostly dogs...i can still remember Rocky & Max (the brothers) & Brinjal (no doubts is the name of the his name because i just learned that word in school+he is a "sausage dog" =p).......suddenly miss them so much...i dun even remember having pictures of them!! hmm...should go through my old photos when back..mayb i'll get one or two...=)

*My sis & Brownie~miss u!muacks!*

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Sister is....

Last Christmas at Grandpa's house

Someone special, a friend so true,
Exactly the same, yet different from you;
She knows your thoughts without a word,
Understands your feelings before they're heard;
May drift apart but remains near,
In her heart she holds you dear;
Your secrets safe, your faults untold,
A bond of trust she will uphold;
So cherish her as she does you,
For remember you are a sister, too.

Lisa Baillargeon from Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul

so beautiful words...i miss my sisters so much..cannot wait till i hug them again!love you sis!!

*HapPiE Magic*

YeaH yeAh!!Sayonara C++!just 3 more papers to go! I am extremely happy today~i don't exactly know why...maybe because I'm GOING HOME this week or maybe because is my FINAL WEEK for EXAM....or maybe im just VERY HAPPY!hehe...(big big grin)=)

is a hot hot day!!but i just love sunny day! reached room around 4pm...don't feel like study yet so instead of studying i found something else to do..hmmm...i guess there's nothing more interesting than entertainning myself with my camera! feeling great today!!=p

*Da da da da da!*i tell you..photoshop can work WONDERS!!hehe..i was having so much fun just clicking here and there to try out the effects..hehe...there's just so many for me to learn!!but i really enjoy it and i hope i can edit even better pics than these in time to here i share one of my photos that i edited..hehe...

lovely day!~ have a sweet nite my dear friends...gonna be back very soon!! see you all!(^u~)/

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Teacher's Tale

I woke up before 620am in the morning...(i know because i set my alarm at 620am and i woke up before it went off) it was a chilling morning and my bed was so warm and comfortable that i didn want to leave i just hug my comforter and my blankie, hug myself...only get off my bed 20 minutes after that...

wake up and smell the morning breeze!~ not much smell though..but it was a lovely morning...drank a bottle of water and had some wholemeal bread..haha..healthy breakfast to start my day...the line was still terrible...only managed to load google and died there...boring!* so guess what i did...took my comforter, my blankets( 2 to be exact), my bedsheet and washed it! hehe..of course not by hands..silly..washing machine..since it was still early, so i managed to get one which is unocccupied.=)

went back to my roomates were getting ready to go for their exam 9am..all the best girls!! i went in my room and made a call..

"Good morning teacher!beautiful morning!=)"

there she answered me with her usual deep but joyous voice which i am so familiar with.."aiyo ida, is you...good morning!" had been a week since i last called time flies!! so as usual..we have endless things to chat...but i was more interested to listen to her stories...she was telling me once, how angry she got when she "accidentally" sat on the chair with chewing gum placed by the students which was not meant for she reacted to the students....

"I was not careful that time!" she said... "& u know what? i threw the chair at the students as i was soo...angry!i scolded them and went straight out the classroom!"

"Har! teacher, u threw the chair?!!" i was shocked to hear that but at the same time, i couldnt stop laughing..."yea! was so angry...then i went to complain to Mr. Bong..Luckily, Mr. Bong was so nice..he kept telling me "Calm down...calm down.." how can i calm down!! was so angry that i talked like machine gun...non stop..."haha...she laughed as she continued her stories.... "i'm like that..u know me..=)"

"yea i know you, teacher..still remember how strict you were when you taught me in form3? the whole class was so scare of u..u were so fierce!!haha..."Jangan minum air!nanti saya cekik kamu!" that was your phrase...i can still remember the scene when u said it...haha...oh dear, how time passed.."

that was my morning conversation with my dear teacher...hehe..end up talking for more than half an hour....really made my day! was so happy to talk to her while she shares her thoughts and stories with me...we also mentioned about my Mandarin teacher...the famous Ms. Liuk...even now,i still think she propably was the main factor that brought out the most rebelious side of me in school..haha...all the memories kept coming back...will share in more details with you guys next time in other post...=)

"we have to stop..haha..or else you will get a shock when u receive your phone bills.." i so hope i can talked to her was so interesting and fun...hehe...but i know i will get more of that moment when i go back and even more if i get the job as temporary teacher in KuchingHigh...haha..oh how i miss my school and my teachers...

Teachers always have been important people in my life...from kindergarden to universities (lecturers but still "teachers")...they have been around for almost more than 3/4 of my life!!( i started my kindy when i was 4 years practically (21-4) 17 years of my life i have teachers with me all along!) they are the closest people we get other than our that im going to be a teacher, i really really appreciate them more...their patience, their hardwork and most importantly their love for us!!(yeah...although we do get scolded by them for countless of time.....haha...)i have to say this...i LOVE my teachers!!! A teacher can be such a good friend when you get to know them...u will get even closer to them when you are out of the school because that is the time where we can sit down together, still as teacher and student but without a doubt, something more than that..something we call....Friendship...

To all my dear teachers (too many names to mention), thank you for all the things that you taught me and shared with me....i never know what kind of person i will grow up to be, but you have faith in me and told me everything will be alright and i will grow up to be a fine said you know...maybe i didnt get what you trying to say at that moment but now i started to know why...Thank you teachers!

Hmmmm..=) my heart feels so warm now and i miss them alot...i miss my school days...haha...*ahem* i will do my best in my studies! i will be the best i can be! & most importantly, i will try my best to be a good teacher!!yeah! u heard me.(^o~)/ there's still so many things i need to learn in life...i pray to God that He will guide me and show me life in His way...Ganbatte nee everyone!Just do your BEST and God will do the REST!!~pray hard, play hard, study smart!!!

p/s: oh...for my schoolmates and classmates(Form 3B1) reading this...have you guessed who is this "dear teacher" i mentioning? hehe...yeah! ure absolutely correct! she is Pn. Khadijawati!~=p Good day!*cheers*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

...A Special Bond...
VuaLa!~ i just finished my SPM2322 Authoring Language paper (supposed to end at 1030am..completed early and "chau lo"..damn cold in the hall)...Oh yeah...half way to go!~the line in my room was super duper slow..dunnoe wad happened to the here i am,in my uni's library updating my blog..wahaha..luckily they didn block Blogger..=p

today is a special day..guess why?.... time's up! my dad's birthday!!! 26-04-2008..Papa, happy birthday!!! called my mum this morning and wished my dad...guess again why i didn called my dad directly?....time's up again! haha..even i give u guys more time,i don't think you will guess it correctly...the truth dad's handphone(Motorola V6) was broke!!& don't be in a shock...he broke it by sitting on it last night!!=.="...i was teasing my dad,"pa..if u want a new handphone for birthday, just say need to "sit on it"...hahaha..." he was laughing all his way...this is my dad....the handphone-spoiler (trust me,not his first time)...haha..just kidding dad!!=p so i suggested to my mum, go buy a brick-handphone for sure that will last forever for him..haha...but is just a joke..=p

just for you dad, from your three princesses..muackss!!!

i managed to edit it this morning since i know im going to upload it using the library's pc..hehe...i love this pic..took it during the shooting in studio for my mum & dad's 20th Wedding Anniversary last dad handsome hor~haha...

another one of my favourite collections..."Love u dad!"
I will always be my dad's girl..haha...that's one thing that will never friends always ask...sometimes "tease"...

"who do you look like?? ur dad or mum??"

"aiyo..are you from your family??!!how cum u are so different from your sisters de??!!"

"waseh...your sisters look exactly like your mum lar!!"

"you from next door issit?"

=.=".... hmm....even my mum was thrown with questions like...

"melinda...why lu dwa chabo kia an neh 'simple'?!beh xiang lu leh?"

"melin...your daughter??doesnt look a bit like you leh!"

my mum will just smile and looked at me...once she was kidding and replied,"oh...she doesnt look like me??oh..she's my friend." and guess wad, the guy believed!!*fainted*Of course im my mum's daughter lar!!though i don't look like her but please hor...mother & daughter not necessarily look the i right or am i right? haha...=p

*ahem* back to my post...actually it really doesnt bothers me how different i look compared to my sisters(for those who know my family)..hehe..I am me!I am just IDA...simple as that!however,one thing i glad to hear is when people say.."oh,you look like your dad..u got your dad's nose!" haha....BINGO!! dun get me wrong, my dad doesn't have a nose like Jackie Chan or wad..haha..but all along, i really look like my dad...hehe...that's a sweet thing a dad's girl to know....

My Family_during CNY^Miss you guys so much!!!

exactly one more week left...4 more papers to "tackle"...Today i will hang around in library and do my revision for my C++ programming...tonite,i will attend English mass at the catholic centre in taman last mass for the semester before i go home...

i prayed for a lovely day...i prayed for my dad too...i hope he enjoyed his BIG day, get a new handphone soon..(haha...) and always be blessed..i know i am because i had him in my you so much papa!!miss you!!*hugs & kisses*

your daughter,dA


Friday, April 25, 2008


don't panic not changing to E&E course or wad...i noe my last post was about "electronics" but this post is not all about it....however,practically is still something to do with electric...=p the cable plug of my kettle was giving a burnt smell and it feels hot whenever i use it to boil water(of course) for just a few minutes i decided to check it out...

let's see.... my wire burnt or big burnt holes...but i guess something wrong with the fuse...haha...using merely my metal ruler and a nailclipper..finally managed to screw it back to normal...haha....guess i will change it when im back next semester since in just a few days(ahem..9 days!!)i will be going home...hope it can still function...haha...

see the rain drops on my window? this is the view from my bedroom..from my bed..

it had been rainning cats and dogs for the whole day....the rain stopped and rained again...i was "room alone" the whole day..a day well spent i will said...going through my Authorware and my Teaching Science subject...

yesterday..i started to do some packing of my books and kept my printer...cleared most of my books and papers from my table and now is so "empty" compared to before...but after that, i started to sneeze!!my eyes became watery and i dun feel so well...just a matter of running nose became flu and then i had a stuffed nose..luckily i was feeling much better today as i took a pill of Carinase and went to bed at around 930pm...i woke up at 445am this morning!! but i decided to stay in bed and got up only arounf 7am...hehe...though feeling ok today but there's a bit heartache and i felt a bit difficult to worries..i guess is the medicine that's causing me to experience fine now..=)

packing..packing...going home..going home..=)

dad's birthday on sis suggested to buy Crocs for him and we share among ourselves and our sure he will love it..hehe..

hmmm....a peaceful night...another day had passed...another day will matter how tomorrow wll be like, just believe that it will be better than today...have a lovely night and a beautiful day tomorrow...take care my friends...(",)/muacks!

oyasumi nasai....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

>a shirt form mummie<
We all got something to do.....

>a shirt form mummie<
We all got something to do.....

finally...i really mean "finally"...i m over with my electronics paper!! haha..i was so so happie..=) (a big grin on my face) after all my hardwork and determination ( so proud to say that..haha...)after spending more than half of my day doing my revision at the library for the past few days....after..blablabla..=p i managed to answer most of the questions...wahaha..of course no doubts there were some questions that are "huh?! what's this??" & "oh..i know this!!i know this!! what is it ard???"... but i thanked God that with his blessings & guidance, i was able to complete the paper with a smile on my face...i also wanna say thankyou to my friends who helped me along my revision..hehe..cheebeng-san & alvin-san, arigatou nee!!!*wWOWw*!nice!

yeaps! 3 down! 5 to go!26/4, 28/4, 2/5 & 3/5( 2 papers on my last day!!) and is bye-bye UTM for my semester holidays and ELO kuching!!im so so excited to go home...just by thinking the look of my mum's much i miss papa!! a bit sad that im gonna miss his b'dae tis year again=.="..summore having a paper that day(26/4)!(still remember last year his b'dae i was at the library...i think i wrote about that in my old friendster blog)..what to here....but im glad i can go home and celebrate my mum's b'dae in JUNE!! wakaka...oreo cheesecake here i come..yum yum....muacks! forgetting my darlyn...haha...darlyn,im back next saturday!!see u very soon!=p

well well..i still haven't solve my taskbar problem..=.="....but thanks to vkiat for his effort...& hao( he do nth but left a comment)hahaha...anyway..i still hope i can get it solve!

my orange smiley softball i bought here...isnt he cute!!( dun doubt..i placed it among my oranges..haha)

hmmm..beautiful morning...birds chipping outside my balcony(seriously!not making it up) & the morning breeze...mmm..ii desu nee~i hope the weather will stay fine today..the weather yesterday spoiled my game for if no rain, ill have a game or feels really good to sweat!everyday books books!!must get away from my books sometimes..=p

love this morning!hugs! have a lovely day matter what life challenge u today, take a deep breath and smile...Keep your head up and you will see God shines on you..He blesses u!take care..*cheers*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hye guys...i need help...something happened to my taskbar function where the windows i opened no longer showed on it...i dun noe wad did i accidentally click to disable the function..i dun think is a virus or what...but seriously, by all means, i have tried..but i just dunnoe wad went im asking help from anyone who knows what on earth is going wrong with it! (saying the magic word - please) "Onegaishimasu...~"=)

???where did 'they' go???

i opened an IE window, MSN & a word document..but nothing appeared on my taskbar..making me difficult when i come to switching windows...when i accidentally minimize the window,i dunnoe where it one way to do, i have to reopen it through task manager...ngaitii...=.="

it's perfectly fine with my setting...or it isnt?

somebody...anybody..;( please figure it out for me..

My dear Jesus
today i will have my Electronics exam paper
you know how important it is to me
so i am humbly asking you gracious helo and divine assistance

i pray to you, my dear Jesus
please never let me panic or get nervous
just let me be at ease and give my very best
please never let me guess or rely on pure luck but enlighten my mind and let me think clearly
please never let me resort to chances or to dishonesty
but let me work to the fullest of my ability

i pray for your guidance that as i think
i may find the right solution
i may be able to correctly answer the questions
i may solve those difficult problems

I ask, O Lord, your intercession
that as i write
i may not be careless or overconfident
i may not be distracted but be more concentrated
i may not be in a hurry or take the exam too lightly

Today, my dear Jesus, i will take my electronics exam
Let me, with your help, give my very best
let me, because of you,
receive the best and fruitful results


Love you Jesus!~ *cheers*=)

spp 1323 Electronics

Monday, April 21, 2008

Days of Going h.O.m.e

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; A hug from H.O.M.E keeps my blues away...

"Home" by Michael Buble

Another summer day

Has come and gone away

In Paris and Rome

But I wanna go home


May be surrounded byA million people I

Still feel all alone

I just wanna go home

Oh, I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you

Each one a line or two“I’m fine baby, how are you?”

Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough

My words were cold and flat

And you deserve more than tha

tAnother aeroplane

Another sunny place

I’m lucky, I know

But I wanna go home

Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home

I’m just too far from where you are

I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life

It’s like I just stepped outside

When everything was going right

And I know just why you could not

Come along with me'Cause this was not your dream

But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come

And gone away

In even Paris and Rome

And I wanna go home

Let me go home

And I’m surrounded byA million people I

Still feel all alone

Oh, let me go home

Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home

I’ve had my run

Baby, I’m done

I gotta go home

Let me go home

It will all be all right

I’ll be home tonight

I’m coming back home


i was walking to my usual table in the library that day when somthing caught my attention..."HONK!IF YOU'RE MALAYSIAN" a book written by Lydia Teh..without second thought, i grabbed the book and started to read it...the author revels the idiosyncrasies of being Malaysian and her lines are filled with her deft spin of humour and!!

i came to this chapter about MANGLISH (short term for Malaysia English, some argue that it is Mangled English..haha...) really bright up my day with here i want to share with all of quite true and im impressed with her observation..however guys, keep this in mind..yes! we are Malaysian, speaking Manglish is our "style" but it doesn't mean we cannot speak good English! =p agree?!!

*E- English; M- Manglish

E: Would you turn off the fan?
M: Off the fan.

E: Oh dear, I'm going to be in deep trouble.
M: Die!

E: Would yu be so good as to turn on the tap, please? Of course!
M: Can on the tap-ah? Can!

E: Hi Lucy. Haven't seen you for a long time. How are you?
M: Hi, Lucy. Long time no see. So how?

E: Would you happen to have some coins? May i borrow 50 sen, please?
M: Got coins or not?? Can lend 50 sen-ah?
(haha..this one really make me laugh when my friend, gayitri practised it on me..i said, i wont lend her 50 sen if she use the English, but i will think something wrong with her...haha...typical Malaysian..)

E: These durians are really good!!
M: Best-lah the durian!!

E: Why is that idiot honking away?
M: That idiot horn for what?

E: Would you reverse your car?
M: Gostan!!

E: Baby, why arent you wearing your pants? you should be ashamed of yourself. (as if the baby can understand this..=p maybe)
M: Baby,why you no wear pants? Shame-shame lah.

E: I have yet to pay the fine.
M: Norchet pay fine.

E: Why are you so long-winded?
M: Talk so much for what?

haha..i hope it brights up your day i don't want to be "long-winded" till then! have a lovely day!! practise your English!=)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A SpeciaL Delivery...just from KucHinG!!
now you see it...

now you don't! =p

i was having one of my morning routines yesterday when *beep beep*...comes a message "hye gal..still sleeping? im having kolo mee now..u want? haha....still got exam? all the best yea..have a gud day!" =.=" best friend, tyng greet me morning with i replied "wake up d nice eat kolo mee..order one for me oso, and u eat for me..wahaha

she really made me miss kolo mee..somehow i didn give in much thoughts since im going back home in less than 2 weeks!! (exactly 13 days!) haha...then there i am..continued with my assignment editing...

*beep beep*! "ida, im going back to utm now...i tapao kolo mee for u!! lata meet u and give it to u yea!" this time is tyng's brother, chee yong! haha...i forgot he went back kuching for the that's why today that chabo wake up so early to go have offence yea tyng...sooo happy!! got kolo mee to eat wor..of cause happy lar!it had ard been 3 months since i last went back home for my one week CNY break...hehe....kolo mee..kolo mee...
chee yong reached senai airport around 10am..i was on my way to the library since this tuesday i will be sitting my "critical" paper - electronics~ i spent my day in the library and only meet him at 8pm..haha...sorry yea tyng...but frankly saying, eventhough the kolo mee had turned cold but i really enjoyed every "mee" of it..haha..i shared with one of my friend who happened to be with me that time..he is from johor...(never tried kolo mee) and always mistaken me from SABAH...=.=" more thing about him..since he is also in the education line like me (educaiton in sport science), he often mentions if posting to SARAWAK, a place with jungles and rivers..he sure "die"~another thing that makes him thinks like this is..a good friend of his is also from Sarawak, a guy from Limbang who happens to be a good swimmer..he said "of course he can swim so well, Sarawak got many rivers wad.." =.=".....u think Sarawak dun have swimming pools issit?? i hope he gets posted to SARAWAK...hahaha...

*slurrpp! the kolo mee was "OiShii desunee!!!" finished everything...and chee yong even pass me the small small egg cake that his grandmother nice!! thanks yea tyng..thanks to cyong koko too!!! really made my day!hugss!!

2 papers done! 6 more to go!! がんばって!

(the stain - i accidentally pour over my cup of hot milo all over the my study table place...=()

i better get back to my assignment and studies now..tomorrow will have my ELECTRONICS!! dun want to get short circuit during the exam...haha...touch wood!~will do my best!! to all my friends and buddies who are having exams, all the best and take good care!! God bless! muacks! =)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

organised by KOLEJ PERDANA UTM
Date : 13 / 04 /2008 (Sunday)
Venue : Padang Utama, UTM

"NETBALL with KAIN SARUNG"~posing before the game..
I was supposed to be the referee for the game..unexpectedly, i was needed in the there i am, with my kain sarung doing my shooting..haha..


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nagai Aida (For So Long) - Kiroro

長い間待たせてごめん Nagai aida matasete gomen
I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long
また急に仕事が入った Mata kyuu ni shigoto ga haitta
Suddenly I had work to do again
いつも一緒にいられなくて Itsumo issho ni irarenakute
When we can't be together all the time
寂しい重い押させたね Samishii omoi o saseta ne
I know you get lonely"

会えないとき受話器じゃら聞こえる Aenai toki juwaki kara kikoeru
When we can't meet, I hear through the receiver
君の声がかすれてる kimi no koe ga kasureteru
How your voice is hoarse
ひしゃしぶりに会ったときの Hisashiburi ni atta toki no
But your smiling face sweeps my heart away
君の笑顔が胸お皿って行く Kimi no egao ga mune o saratte yuku
When we meet for the first time in a while

築いたのーあなたがこんなに Kizuita no--anata ga konna ni
I've noticed just how much
むねのなかにいること Mune no naka ni iru koto
You're inside my heart
愛してるーまさかね Aishiteru--masaka ne
I love you--no, I can't
そんあこといえない Sonna koto ienai
I can't say such a thing

あなたのその言葉だけ尾信じて Anata no sono kotoba dake o shinjite
I've believed only those words of yours
今日まで待っていた私 Kyou made matte ita watashi
And I've waited until today
笑顔だけ輪忘れないように Egao dake wa wasurenai you ni
'Cause I want to be near you
あなたのそばに痛いから Anata no soba ni itai kara
So I won't forget your smiling face

笑ってるあなたのそばで輪 Waratteru anata no soba de wa
When I'm next to you and you're smiling
すなおになれるの Sunao ni nareru no
I can be gentle
愛してる Aishiteru--demo masaka ne
I love you--but, no, I can't
そんなこといえない Sonna koto ienai
I can't say such a thing

A very nice Japanese Song..i heard is also one of the sound track in Final Fantasy..really??anyway, the song was also sang in Mandarin Version by 刘若英《很爱很爱你》..very nice..=)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to school

Last friday, we went to SMK Mutiara Rini to do an interview is a very nice school and the surroundings are very nice...when we walked along the corridors, some students even greeted us "Selamat petang, cikgu~" haha...was feeling kinda happy though...well, we interviewed two teachers and then headed straight back to was a really nice experience...cannot wait to go for our teaching practise soon!!!=)


I miss my schools...

SMK Mutiara Rini, Johor Bahru^tata!~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A daY in the fiNal wEek of the SeMesTer

Today, we had a simple tea party with En. Muslim, our "Laboratory Safety & Management" Lecturer...i was in-charge of early morning, my first stop at the uni's cafe..waiting for the food to be ready...=)

Our Lecturer, En. Tuan Hj Muslim giving his 'sepatah dua kata'...(actually more than that..haha)

En. Muslim :" Class, remember, the 1st rule is "Do not eat in the laboratory"."

Makan, makan..habis makan baru ada tenaga belajar!!!

we had nasi goreng, bihun goreng, curry puff, roti prata and dhal...yum yum..very full!!!hehe..glad everyone enjoyed!

it was damn hot at 1:55pm when we were on our way to Etika class...the next minute..i mean hour, the sky turned so dark and then down came the rain...the rain was so so heavy and the lightning was damn scary lor...we don't want to get ourselves soaky wet since we came to class by

.....while waiting for the rain to stop..we have something to do...

1/2 gayitri..... 1/4 pAe..... 3/4 ida...... last, a PERFECT shot!!!haha...

Wanna guess how long is my hair??hmm.....

Finally, the rain became smaller and we grabbed our bags and speed back to kolej! haha...the wind was so chilling..

yeah yeah...back room safe & sound =p

-my fiNaL WEeK_10/04/2008-

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My new APACER AH225

Bought it yesterday..2GB..just thinking of having another pendrive for my personal use...its mini and simple design attract me..but there is another reason i choose it compared to Kingston and other design of Apacer...

it's a special edition with a free ORANGE magnetic cap!! haha...well..u noe me...cannot resist orange thingy...=p