Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shinnen Omedetou Gozaimasu!~welcome 2008!!

here i am, back to UTM on new year eve. Before u realised, the clock striked 12am and GOOD BYE 2007 & HELLO 2008!!!

reached UTM around 6pm.the road was quite jammed at senai area. i was informed that my apartment room was changed and so when i reached my new room, i had to rearrange my cupboard, my bed and my everything...boxes unpacked yet..and my closet still empty..haha..was so tired that nite and i slept soundly after making call to han to wish him happie new year...glad that they are having a great time for countdown..=)

is the 1st day of year 2008 and sumthing happened to me.i lost one of my boxes which i put in the store room during sad=(...i guessed sumbody just took it..cuz inside there was my iron,my table lamp,my tupperware bottle and sum useful stuff...i was disappointed when i was certain that i cannot find it anywhere anymore..but mommy was telling me is okay and since is new year,i can get new sweet of mum,but i still feel bad of having to spend these "unnecessary" money to buy the things that i supposed dun haf to buy..well,no needs to cry over spilled i'll b more caution next time and make sure i keep my things safely..hope u guys who are also staying in hostels,take note of this...=)

today is wednesday..2nd of jan 2008...classes had been going on as registering for Japanese 3 tis semester..however,there wont be any credit class so i'll be attending the paying class..hopefully i can also attend the JLPT3 preparation class this semester to get me ready for the year-end gonna do my teaching practise next semester!! kinda excited but too bad i knot go back hometown to do it..haha..oh well, is the same i environment will give me more experiences and hopefully i can do my best!~

Once again, a new year, a new beginning...must work harder this semester and i prayed that life will be happy and interesting for me...must live life to the fullest!!~
same goes to everyone!!take k and happie owez..

God bless..=)