Sunday, August 23, 2009

^^ My pieces of thoughts^^

many thoughts may run through your mind..sometimes i feel so much better after i wrote it out and expressing them in my words...these are some of the shout-outs i wrote in my facebook for the past 2 months..haha..i enjoy reading them over and over again cuz they remind me of my feelings and how i overcome them or how i feel about for those who read it for the first time, i hope u will like them just the way i do..=) cheers


When you lost something important, u have to learn to let go cuz even u know it wont come back anymore. Issues of the past should be forgotten and forgiven, only by making peace with our past, we wont spoil out present. Agree to disagree cuz u dont have to win every argument. Just smile and relax. Live your life with choices you wont regret cuz u only have one life. Take my smile and keep it^^be blessed!~

August 20, 2009

Life can be so colourful & beautiful when you open your heart to others. Basket of love, joy & hapiness are meant to share, so they will always be full. So, always take TOO much pictures, laugh TOO much and love with ALL your heart. You never know when you will lost the chance to do all that. Hold on to your faith and dreams, hold on to my heart, I'll always be there to shine for you^^be blessed.cheers.

August 17, 2009

Simple moments are worth remembering for a lifetime; simple happiness are worth sharing with friends ^ loved ones at anytime. Life's too short to be wasted on complications. When things turn out the way you didn expect them to be, smile cuz they happened^^ What is hurting u, not killing u, makes u stronger each day & always take in charge of your own happiness^^be blessed with abundant smiles and good health. Cheers!!

August 8, 2009

A heart of gold, no one will let go. A heart of stone, no one will go for. But most of the time, we have a heart made of water, it melts & sometimes broken after harden. Wish i have a heart with lots of sunshine, so i can feel the warmth whenever i need it. Love yourself, simle cuz there's always be a better tomorrow^^you will never know how your smile can shine throught the rain of the world. God bless our hearts.

August 2, 2009

Lately, physically and mentally challenged!!!but still, reminding myself to find time for a smile, share my faith of love and sprinkle a little happiness of mine. Life aint all about what you achieved in the end, but is the process that counts, making you who you are in the eyes of our loving God!!keep my head up and my heart strong^^my angel, never let me fall!!

July 28, 2009

Words can be harsh at times, so speak gently; you never know who's heart you will hurt. Acts can be misleading at times so act wisely; you never know what trouble you will get yourself into^^My guardian angel, walk with me & hold my hands so im not alone in the dark & that your wings will cover me from the eyes of the world. I'll remember to keep my heart strong and go for my dreams!maybe one day dreams fo come true.cheers!!

July 26, 2009

To ask for what is not yours is unrightful; to be thankful for what you have is a blessing. Some things in this world may be overwhelming but they are not lasting. Only people who love and appreciate you for who you are can give u the meaning of life. Dont overlook & step away, one day u might realised that you have missed that very piece of you which is meant to make you life complete^^be blessed be loved~

July 21, 2009

I hold an angel today & she hugged me. She smells my hair & smiles at me with her heart. Some people are so lucky but they forget how to be happy. Others may not be that fortunate but they are blessed with happiness. May you always find the reason to smile and live your life to the fullest. Always keep your heart for the special ones and one day you will find your angel. I'll keep my finger crossed. God blessed^^

July 19, 2009

The world has too many eyes, but not many hearts. Eyes can be deceitful, but not your heart. Remember is the inner beauty that is what worth you going for. You are who you are, special & precious in your own gentle way. Smile with your heart. Only those who understand will see it^ cheers!!

July 17, 2009

Whatever life brings you, take it, hold it and treasure it. You never know what is coming for you. Whatever love shows you, bear it, share it & cherish it. you never know what is life until u love & sometimes get hurt by it. Smile with your heart & be happy. Life's too short.

June 20, 2009

Dont measure your success or failure by material wealth but how you feel. Our feelings determine the richness of our life & feelings dont lie. Love with your heart & your heart will be loved. cheers.

June 16, 2009

Dont ever forget how we laugh, yesterday was a piece to remember. Dont ever be too proud to cry ot be sad, today is a time to cherish. Dont ever be too stubborn to smile, tomorrow will be our day to shine!!!cheers!!

June 7, 2009

快乐=简单,简单=快乐。做人简简单单,为善最乐。 爱也要简简单单,知足常乐。 何乐而不为呢? 愿大家快乐,不要忘了笑咯!!

June 7, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

AUGUST is back^^

time flies!!!is almost end of august and today is the first day of Bulan Ramadhan^^

To all my Muslim Friends & students,


i still remember last year this time im in STF having my teaching of the most memorable teaching experience i had and will always be the sweetest memories in my teaching life. i hope the teachers and the girls are doing really well and happy. i met some of the last year form 3 girls at McD 2 weeks ago..they still remembered me and called me "teacher ida"..haha...i was really happy =p miss you all very much!!~hope to see u all real soon.


this is my 7th week of the semester dy. supposed to have a mid-break at the 7th week for every semester.however, not this semester. the mid-sem break will be combine with the raya break at the 12th week which will start sometime around 20th, there's still around 3 more weeks to go^^ tired but satisfying are the words i want to use to describe my life here for the past few weeks.....just finished with SUKAM 2009!~got 6th for high-jumping, no place for netball(girls) but 1st runner up for the Netball boys!!!i'm proud to say that, im their trainer^^hahaha...enjoyed it so much!!supposed to take part in Tennis single, but i sprained left ankle during my netball i have to give up my tennis =( but still i have to take care of my ankle^^i need my legs!!~haha...cant afford to injure myself during this pack season =p

everyday are well-spent with quizzes, assignments, lab reports and especially tests for this two weeks.. but last week,i was involved with a "Kem Pendidikan" program for the form 5 students from schools under DUN Pasir Raja^^ it was one of the best camp ever & i really enjoyed myself for that 3 days 2 nights camp at my college.

3 indian girls were staying with me as there's no enough empty rooms to accommodate 170 students. so some of the facillitators will take in some of them and have extra roomates^^ the girls, Mangalay, Sangeetha & Puva are such sweet girls...they were very happy when they get to know that they are staying with me...haha...others were asking them to exchange with them cuz they wanted to stay with me =p it was nice having them around. they even helped me to clean my room!!!! haha...didn had much time to be in my room since the program was pack with activities and we had only 6 days for all the preparation. I was one of the head for publicity with my partner Raj.

we designed the banner, the poster, the facillitators' nametags, the certificates...haha..i enjoyed all the was great^^Raj and I were working stress or tension at all..everything were carried out smoothly..we had a numbers of slots and games for the students...mostly fun-based but there's lots to learn from all the games that were chosen...students are happy, facis are happy and most importantly, we had FUN!!!!the facis are great and lovely complaints and we work as a family. i enjoyed the presence of all of them.

the camp was last saturday again..i just had my Radiochemistry Test this wednesday, Physical chemistry quiz yesterday and alot more quizzes to come...even now, im working on my microbiology quiz...take home quiz...(should be take room quiz, cuz my home very far..haha...=p)

life in uni is good and keeps me occupied. i get the chance to enjoy every busy moments and also the lazy moments when things are piled up!!~moreover, final year project, thesis to keep on track really making everyday so pack and hardly find the time to breath...ok, breath in, breath out...breath in..haha...oh, better!!! im loving my life here and i hope i can keep this up^^

i just get to know that my teacher supervisor from STF, kak shida delivered a baby boy last tuesyday!!!a fourth boy^^haha...thats wonderful..though she was hoping for a baby girl since with the three boys at home, but a baby boy is just nice to make up the four brothers^^once i heard my friend, izzah if im not mistaken, she told me, if a mother gave birth to four sons, she is said to be given birth to four leaders of tomorrow!!!so kak shida, well done!!!!god bless you and i hope you take a good rest after ur not easy^^though i dun have any experience,haha..but i know u are ard the best mother a child could have when u bring them to this u^^

is been almost 2 months since i left home and came back to UTM...i do miss my mum and sisters and i pray for them everyday.i miss TIGER too^^ heard mummy said, he's very naughty...getting bigger and noiser...haha...he have a white pig soft toy in his kennel to keep him company (i put that in =p) and now he kept taking it out when mummy let him out at night which kinda annoy my mum cuz she has to put it back every morning!!!!hahaha....mummy said she's getting older and TIGER is nothing but trouble...hahaha..wish i was there...surely i'll "cubit" Tiger's butt if he's naughty...oh, i miss my Tiger BOy...=)

my sis is getting married soon!!~the lovely bride-to-be is busy preparing for her wedding and i hope everything going fine. God will bless you dear sis...just have faith and follow ur heart. is your wedding, once in a lifetime, no one else can make u happier other than you your choice^^da jie will always here to support always with you..i love u so much!!! same goes to len len..=) work hard and appreciate what God has given u..a good job, a home and your sweetheart...jie jie always pray for you..i love you too my little sister...hehe, not so little anymore, my sisters are so grown up to be gorgeous young ladies...i just pray that we will always have each other in our hearts...hugss^^

is a cold night, but somehow deep inside my heart, there's a piece of warmth..a touch of love and words of faith can sometimes be so powerful that nothing shall come in your way to bring you down...always hold on to your faith...u know you can always go further!!!love yourself and love people around u...share that basket of love that you have, so it will never be empty and happiness will come along. =)

blessed all who have love in their heart & faith in their hands.all the best for future undertakings to all my friends who just graduated during this latest CONVOCATION!!!

(Cyong koko, Janice, Wei, Csin, Rock rock, Pei Ling, Gab....& all my dear friends)

Also to my juniors who are having their mock exams for STPM. =) form 6 is not difficult but i know is not easy too. Just do your best!! dun ever give up!!u are just one step closer to a wonderful future =)

Tyng came to UTM^^so happy to see u!!hugs!!

have a sweet sweet sweet day^^cheers!!

me^^ hehe...
take care dear friends!!