Thursday, March 12, 2009

So CLOSE yet so FAR

I'm not going to PERAK for the camp as the community service at Bukit Gantang, Perak was cancelled due to the tense political situation over there. i was so dissapointed to receive the news when our principle announced it on Tuesday night.=(

so sad yet have to accept the fact that we are not going. I was so ready and excited to go and carry out the activities that we planned and prepared together for over a week. What should i say... though surely there will be another chance to go, i just felt as though your warm heart was being splashed by a pail of cold the chinese saying goes...

oh well well well...that means i have more time to prepare for my quizzes, tests and assignments!!! i should do better since i have extra time for them..wakakka...will do my best!!!hope i get the chance to go for the camp in near !da!!~~=p

good day!!~

Sunday, March 08, 2009

!da's BACK!!!!

miss me??!~=P

There goes my first week of March.I've not been updating my blog for such a long time!!!~I was so in to my uni life that i spent more time OUT of my room than IN it!! not such a bad thing as you get more fresh air outside your little hostel doubled-room.=p many of my friends noticed my change in my attitude, my style of learning and even my sleeping time! haha..oh yes..there's a slight change in my sleeping time and hours...hmm..i dun really know the reason but i know im very different compared to my previous semesters. However, everything is A.O.K!~ will take care and most importantly drink plenty of water and get enough rest. sleeping wise, i will work on that..haha...

lots of programs and activities had been going on since the beginning of my new semester after my teaching practise in STF!!~ oh i missed all my girls...and the teachers in STF...hye girls, if you are reading this...."I MISS you!!!!" hope you gals are enjoying your study life in Form 2 and strive for your best. i know you can do it!! and remember what i said to you if you study and blindly follow your book...hehehe....yes~ i'll do something with your book!! so, be active!! read more books and go exercise!!spend time with your friends because your books wont take care of you when you're sick, your friends do. really miss you all....

oh alright..back to my activities..let's see...i was so occupied with my programs and at the same time managing my studies, i hardly find time to write it all out in my blog!!~i know i know...lazy bum~ahahah...oh well, so i thought uploading photos to friendster and facebook will be another way to keep my friends update to what im doing speak a thousand word, don't they?haha..but i know there's still something missing...without my "explanations", pictures only seem boring...hahhaha....teacher cannot help it...teacher "explains" that's what im going to do...but first, let me list out what have i involved myself for the past 2 months....

  • UTM students' representative council election 2009/2010 (Faculty Candidate)
Nomination of Candidate at Rumah Alumni, UTMPosters-stapling with our "jentera-jentera"...
from left:Ah Soon, me & Sharvinder
We LOST with PRIDE!!~haha...
but thanks for those who voted for me!!!

  • JKM Appreciation Dinner at Kampung Nelayan, Gelang Patah
From left: Ravin, Tan, Imran & I
Josh so happy wen Ah soon wanna "kiss" her..haha...
Calon MPP yang kalah
we...lost...*sob sob*..nay!~

I like this pic..but Tan as if fainted...haha..the BLACK team..ah soon, ure out!the three of us =)

  • Kolej Perdana SUPER (Sport Day) 2009 - Netball Competition
We are the CHAMPION team!!!yeah baby!~
  • IEM Week - Charity slot: A Day With Special Children
Sharvinder(Chairperson of this meaningful event) & I
  • 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration at Long Lama, Sarawak
I can "drive" the motor boat!~now im can survive if get posted to LONG LAMA..haha..shot gun catridges!!i fired one of these!~awesome feeling!!hunting pose
Fresh lobster from PAPUA NEW GUINEA!slurps~
The most tasty and fresh coconut drink ever!!slurp slurp!!~Fish fish..come~ come & ah Di!i miss you...
  • Malam Puncak Perdana 7 - Malam Etnik Kreatif (Master of Ceremony)
Masters of ceremony: Me, Sharvinder & Farah
Kitha, me, Gayitri & Jeyamani~ lovely sarees...with Hot & Pretty International Students..they are from CHINA..Josh & I
Sabah & Sarawak..haha..
Eka & kai Sheng( leng zai junior) =pMr. Soon Lam San & Ms. IdaTan junior and Tan Senior
(don't ask me about his expression, i didn know it until i saw this pic)
Farah & IThe k9 gang!~haha..
"Family photo" with Che mat & Pn. Zilla
Love it!
me & cute ekA and most excitingly...coming...
  • Community Service: Kem Pendidikan at BUKIT GANTANG, PERAK (B-GACS09) in conjunction with program organised by KPT & UTM
I will be going to PERAK next thursday night as the program will start on 13th March until 15th March. We will be organising programs for UPSR students from 2 different schools from that area. the objective of this camp is to motivate them and expose them to new things by sharing and care for them through some group activities. we have only 2 weeks plus to prepare everything but thanked god, everything is working out smoothly. Like today, we just had our aerobic session among the Facis!!( we only have 25 facilitators handling the camp..this is our team!) i was so excited that the aerobic was supposed to start at 7am..but i was used to wake up around 6am, so as usual i did. not feeling anymore sleepy, i got dressed and went for jogging around 615am!! was cold in the college is like on cloud and is dark~....haha..but everything fine..and so, as planned, we had our aerobic and dance...i feel great!~

despite all the hectic schedule for meetings and activities, thanked god i still manage to find time for studies. this semester is CRAZY!! im taking ..*ahem*...Applied Mechanics, Analytical Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Java Programming Language & Physics Lab II!!not forgetting im continuing my Japanese Language Preparation for JLPT2!! speaking of JLPT...the results are OUT!!!i wonder how i did for my JLPT3???ahhh.....hope i can pass...haha....see how "complex" is my credit subjects this semester???!! the 3 science subjects are already enough to give me a heart like FORM 6...i think worse than form i really wonder why my Form 6 teacher says that University will be a piece of cake compared to Form 6....ahh...however, im really enjoying all these "excitement" in studies and at the same time managing with time for all up to us to deal with it the hard way or take it as a challenge and face with an open sure things will turn out real fine....cross my fingers and pray hard!!!

another thing to share is that i am currently part of a students' exchange program under my faculty which is still in the proposal stage. My friends, Jayne, Joseph and I worked together and came out with a proposal for the program which it involved the exchange of UTM students to University of Michigan, US~ we are yet to hear any result from our again, cross my fingers!!! and cross yours too!!pray for me that i may have the chance to get it..hahha...will be attending the summer school in MU (Michigan University) in June if everything's on track.=) feels so good~but i was looking forward for a chance to go JAPAN!!!maybe next year then..hehe...

so i guess thats most of you know what i have been up to...for my PERAK kem Pendidikan, i will update my blog about it!!cuz it will be definitely worth sharing!!!till then my frens, take care and be happy!!!no one is incharge of your happiness except you!~so, smile and laugh more & just be you and be happy!!

cheers & God Bless!!!