Thursday, March 27, 2008

My MiCroTeaching
My Record book (For my teaching practice next semester)

My nametag with a "ME"

Cikgu Munirah & Cikgu Ida

Let's start the lesson after the posing shall we?=)

It was finally over.i had done my microteaching today.everything went well and im delighted.thanked god.hehe. it was fun and my "students" were very supportive.haha.i hope everyone had a good time. well, there goes my first "proper" teaching experience.=p

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Blessed ME
My day was well spent. I am very happy today. It was a usual Monday as my class started at 8am and surposed to end at 4pm with only one hour break at 1pm. But today, english lecture was cancelled. so i was free since 1pm. one of my hometown senior asked me out for lunch, seeing nothing was in my way, i gladly agreed. we went to Tebrau jusco where we had chicken rice for lunch and i wanted to visit the biggest bookstore in JB!! (i guess..) - HARRIS. i spent my whole afternoon there and i found these great books.
...short stories about schools, teacher-students, motivational short stories and also love-myself stories for teachers to motivate students...

GUESS WHAT!!i got this for RM 18.90 only!!!! i was so delighted!~JAPAN, awaits me..haha...

Wow..i was really happy lar..

what can i like recharging myself and doing something i like after weeks of rushing assignments and tests and staying in my room!!! i was so relieved as i scroll through the piles of book on the bookshelves....looking at books and magazine of different was great....and guess what..i even managed to get han's birthday present!! hehe...i was wanting to come to Tebrau jusco but find no i thought mayb before the semester ends ill come to buy han's favourite...Wh store's boxers!!! is the only branch i know...i was searching for it in KL but never i guess is only here to be found.=p

So tis is it! nicely packed and ready to be sent back to Kuching by so excited and i hope he will be very very happy when he gets it...An early birthday present..just from me...=)

I believe God answered my prayer in this way..he makes me really happy and felt so blessed...God's love filled my we prepared ourselves for this holy week, let us always give thanks to HIM and pray hard...God is always with us...Thanks be to GOD! I love you, dear Lord....God bless everyone and the world...


Saturday, March 15, 2008

DizZy MushRoom

i was diagnosed to have minor "food poisoning" this morning when i went to my Uni's Clinic to get some medicine for my dizziness since yesterday afternoon!! Yesterday after my Japanese class, just before i stand up to leave the room, i felt a sudden strange dizziness....i didn give in much thoughts and even went out to fill petrol for my bike....lucky for me to reach room safely!!thank God...when i reached my room, i was feeling awkward as i constantly cannot keep myself in balance and the world is like "unstable" to me...after a few attempts of almost fell off my feet, i went to bed at 10pm lastnite...argghh....i was suspecting the mushrooms and vege that i took for lunch yesterday..without any doubt, im right!

so guys..please take care of what you eat...especially food that you eat outside...some of the causes may not be the in my case,i had tried the mushroom several times and this is the first time i have experienced this mayb the cooking ingredients of the chef or the fertillizer used by the supplier...i dont know..but the only thing i know is that...i will not be eating mushroom for a very long time!!

A SWEET taste of HOME

I was reading through the emails that my friends forwarded to me when i came across this one...all about ice cream..yumyum...cant resist it...and the most important thing...

it reminds me of home...

i grew up with ice cream..believe or not, i even wonder my name "I"da also related to "I"ce cream...haha...since young, my school parties, my tuition parties or my birthday cream will always be in the family owns a mini ice cream dad will make our own Majestic-recipe ice cream...the ice cream that we produce normally goes to the shoplets or koperasi in the kampung area...thats why you wont find my dad's ice cream in the city (unless you come my house..haha)

my dad drives his ice cream lorry and spend the day driving for hours to reach the kampung areas to distribute his ice cream and sell to the shopkeepers there..i had experienced some of the trip with him and it was really interesting and i have special feelings for all of it..i got the chance to see how people live in the kampung, how my dad interact with them, the things and surroundings that you wont be able to experience in the city..i will always climb to the back of the lorry and my dad will tell me the type or the quatity of the ice cream to take and pass to him...that's the best father-daughter interaction i have...haha...however, my dad dont really want me to follow as he dont want me to get tired because he know it always he rather keep me staying in the office doing the paperworks...=.="...sometimes, just sometimes, how i wish im my dad's boy so i can share his work and go along with him...haha..what a thought..but anyway, im proud to be my dad's girl and i always will be....

home...i miss you so and a half months to go...i cannot wait...

papa and mamie...i miss you both so much..take care always and ill be home soon to be in your you both!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A Twist of fate

I was on my way to class that day when me and gayitri met En. Ali who is the coordinator for our teaching practise next semester..i was told that he refined the placement and decided to put me to STF which was also my first choice. i was stunned. seriously, i was speechless because i thought there was no chance for me to get that school and i was so ready to go to St Joseph, JB. Haha. However, the news from En. Ali did somehow make my day.=)

Pn. Khadijawati was the first one in my mind that i want to share this good news with her. just reached her lasnite and she was really happy that i got that school too...hehe...guess somehow God arranged a surprise for me..hmm...from what i know, STF is a well-known boarding school in JB..i heard that the girls there are smart..the school has been well-maintained and with high reputation throughout Johor and Malaysia! Phew!~ this means i must work extra extra hard and make full use of my time in STF...i pray that God will guide me through it and i will do my best!!

And guess what, i was surfing through the net looking for some information on the school..eventually there is a official website of the school! wow..very impressed~

this is the school logo that i found from the school website...well, guess i have a lot to catch up and must polish up my teaching skills so that i wont let my dear parents, teachers, lecturers and myself down! will do my best!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了 心愛到瘋了恨到酸了就好了 可能的 可以的 真的可惜了 幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢?我還以為我能 不同於別人 我還以為不可能的 不會不可能”。

Sunday, March 09, 2008

私の日曜日@My bEautiFuL SUnDay

LuncH_lakcheong mushroom black pepper fried rice( tasted GREAT!!=p)/JaPanese GreEn tEa/my hOme-going-cOuntdown

ElEctrOnic_tuToRiaL SuPerpOsitiOn theoreM for RLC CirCuit/mY pRoCessOr/Another dAy in KoLej PERDANA,UTM

Check out this laptop from Apple! World's thinest Notebook!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ohayou Gozaimasu, Sensei!~

i got my result for the school that im going to do my teaching practise...guess which school i got? of course not schools in Kuching..thr's a bit disappointment when i know that i cannot go back to teach in Kuching...but still least i get the chance to experience teaching in Semenanjung...back to your idea? check this out..
J29-SMK St. Joseph, Johor Bahru

i didnot get my first choice. this is my third choice.somehow i gladly accepted it.i was wondering whether it is same as St. Joseph, Kuching??it also reminds me of St. Thomas, Kuching....the atmosphere of the school...haha..too many thoughts start filling in my a boy school..yape,should be challenging but im excited to face the challenges..wish me luck!~but i will definitely do my best! Teaching practise will start in July...i must make full use of my time to prepare for it..cannot wait till the days! im sure it will be a wonderful experience..

God bless the school...God bless me~cheers!(",)/

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
















Sunday, March 02, 2008

我会告诉你很多 很多

A true friend is one who is concerned about what are we becoming,
Who sees beyond the present relationship,
and who cares deeply about us as a whole person.

"That's what a friend is for,
when you lost in darkness and searching for the light,
to help you through those lonely nights,
when everything around you fails,
just hold out your hands,
I'll come running.
To love without condition,
To talk without intention,
To give without reason,
And to care without expectation,
Is the heart of a true friend,

& that's what a friend is for"
Take care my friends..




Saturday, March 01, 2008

01.03.2008 1st dAy of MARCH

This is my 3rd Saturday since my break from cny...alot had happened in 3 weeks...i had just submitted 3 assignments in a row and guess what just happened? my lappy was infected by stupid mIRC virus!!!=.=" i was really upset as i have been caution with my lappy and was 'protecting' it from the attack of virus...well,what can i say~i was forced to open my group member's pendrive and without even clicking on the "open" button, vUaLLah!~$%^!@@#! so my lappy has to be hospitalized..but luckily one of my dear friend, a well-known computer expert from my college, JACKY helped me with it..=) however, i lacked some of my driver's will be out to get it somewhere or mayb download it at cc...

so that's what happened to my lappy..and then, my pendrive...=( accidentally left it in my programming lab yesterday evening...called my demonstrator, she said it should be alrite since our class was the last i can still go try to get it on monday morning when the lab assistance open the lab..dear God..i pray is still there..even though, the price of a pendrive is unbelievably cheap nowadays (1GB=RM25;4GB=RM59!!!) but i still hope i get mine 1GB Apacer-black,my first pendrive~=(

i checked online and found that the result for the placement of students in school for our Teaching Practise next sem is out!!! unfortunately, i will not be able to go back Kuching to do my dissapointed..but look at the bright side, at least i can still be around in UTM to attend my JLPT3 preparation class...speaking of JLPT, i wonder how was my JLPT4 result??!~it should be on its way from TOYKO & i hope is a big envelope with a certificate in it....haha..i crossed my fingers...

back to my Teaching Practise,i have chosen Sekolah Menengah Tun Fatimah in JB zon is my first choice...what i heard from my lecturers and friends is that it is a very good school~one of the well-known school in a girl boarding school..i am really anxious about the result..i hope i get it...Pray for me guys!~=)

this sem is really packed with assignments, projects and studies...electronics, C++, Authorware and so many others subjects to revise...however, time flies..this is now the tenth week and the semester will end in week 15..and ill be back home on 030508!! haha..unfortunately, it will be real rushing for me as my last paper will end at 430pm on that day which after that i have to catch my flight at 1925pm...=p well, guess it wont be a problem with good timing...

HoME!~a place a miss so much...just wanna go home...i anticipate for the arrival of the day to go will be approximately 2 months holiday before i come back on 060708 for my practical..will be expecting to work as temporary teacher in Kuching High during that holiday..afterall, i need to polish my teaching skills and get familiar with the Science syllabus..hehe...very going to teach in schools!!im going to be a teacher!~haha..will do my best!