Wednesday, December 31, 2008


To mummie & papa~

To my lovely sisters~

To my DuaPao kias~


To EVERYONE i know in my life.....

HaPPy NEW YeAR 2009!!!
Sayonara 2008!!!!



Friday, November 28, 2008


*ahem* finally i feel like myself...

my coughing has gone gone away!~but i still have irritating mucus down my chest..=.="trying my best to get rid of them....
that few nights of coughing made me miss my good-nite sleeps..=(

but i really have to hug my mummie and thank her for her care and love when i was really sick..glad im at home when all these happened...really feel bad to cause all the sleepless nights...


my JLPT3 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3) will be held next Sunday (7th Dec 2008) at UPM, KL..departing on Thursday(4th Dec 2008) evening... like only...less than a week!!!!!

everyday im doing my revision...though there still some new chapters left that i need to look through all by myself...this semester i had to study PART2 by i wish i can attend Sensei's preparation class for JLPT3...for sure it will be a lot easier..=.="..oh well, no use whining..haha..still have to study!!!!

but i would like to express my thanks to Rizal~also known as Mohammad...he unhesitatedly lend me his notes to photostate and also try his best to explain to me when i have, i received a post that he gladly helped me photostated the latest chapters of notes and took all the trouble to go to the post office and post it by PostExpress...

Rizal君、ありがとうございました!!!!i really appreciate it....thumbs up for you!!!*big grin*

i better go back to do my revision~"I must do my best" in Japanese sound like this...

watashi ga ganbarenakereba narimasen!!!

to all my friends taking JLPT4 , JLPT3 and JLPT2...がんばってください!!!*cheers*

Friday, November 21, 2008

A cut Above

i cut my hair yesterday
decided to have a new look
hmmm...suddenly i looked "younger"..haha..

despite my bad coughing,
i'm having good hair days...i hope they last..

struggling with my coughing and managing my Japanese Language revision...

my coughing, get over already!!!!~=(

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick baby

I'm coughing my heart out these few days....can't get any good-night sleep at all due to the "intensive" coughing im goodness, how i wish i have a magic potion and stop my coughing this instance!!!! killing me!!~

seriously, i never cough until this extend before...just after my dinner, suddenly i cannot stop this reflect~i almost cough out of my breath..just imagine!eventually, i vomited! yucks..i know...but i really can't help it..anyone know how to stop a bad coughing?? without medicine maybe??

today is a sad day for chun han and his family.
His grandmother passed away last night at the hospital. Grandma was transferred from Sentosa Poly-clinic and placed at her home. I only got the news this morning when han's sister called me up. I wasn't prepared at all as grandma was doing alrite when i last visited her. Although bed-ridden, she managed to recognise everyone and chat about things she remember...however, her time was up and was taken home by God.

I miss my grandma and grandpa dearly.

this is the second death i experienced this part of life i real yet so abstract...wad am i thinking??i have no idea...

just wanna blog..

*still coughing*damn...

oh well, bed time's near..."patient" like me should sleep early??haha...i hope i can sleep deep and sound tonight after an one hour massage...i seldom get massage session 'cause i cannot "enjoy" it!!~it gets really painful sometimes!!but to some people, is satisfaction you get from massage~i wondered how~gosh....but of cuz, after the massaging, u feel relieved and relaxed due to muscles tension release....ahhh...that's wad im talking about~

hmmm....*coughing* somemore...i hope i wont hurt my throat!~that's to bed soon..have a great day tomorrow my friends...sweet dreams..nite~

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...

Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the lord

- Author unknown-

We live for different purposes. We engaged ourselves in different ways to walk the path of life. A path will always lead to a destination. However, our destination is still a mystery. But no matter what path we choose or take, where does the path leads or how long it takes to walk the journey, we learn something along our way. The people we meet, the experience and emotions that we encounter along the journey make us who we are today.

I'm exploring the path of my life. I hope i find what i truly want someday.

God speed.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I was called up by my friend to take up a part-time job as Digi promoter last saturday and Sunday. There was a carnival organised by the StudentCouncil of Swinburne University and Digi had a booth there. So there i was, with another promoter who i just met, her name is Evon. A very cute girl who just sat for her PMR exam..very hardworking indeed~ my pleasure to meet you!~

Digi is promoting
"DIGI Prepaid I Like"

so for you Digi Prepaid users, NEW PLANS!!!

"Super FnF"
with already 11 Friends & family, user who subscribe this plan can add-on 4 more other network users to ur FnF now, u can have a total of 15 FnF to sms and call!!!
*only 1 cent per SMS & 15cents/min for all FnF

"Super SMS"

if you like blowing out SMS everyday, this plan is definitely a must for you!! After any 5 SMSs sent (which cost u 10 cents per SMS) to Digi or other network, you are entitled to send SMS FOC for the rest of the day!! (only for Digi-to-Digi number)
*long story short : just hit 50 cents of SMS per day and u get the whole day messaging for FREE!!

& the most interesting part???!!
is FREE!

no monthly subscription fee
and you can change your plan after one month if you feel like trying it either one of the plans!~

How to subscribe / change plan:
1. Just key in *128#
2. Reply 7 (Change Feature)
3. Reply 2 (Digi Prepaid I Like)
4. *Choose the plan you want (1 Super FnF; 2 Super SMS & so on)
5. Reply 1 to confirm
6. You can check your new plan by keying in *128# then reply 1(Account Info) then 3 (Call Plan) to see your plan!~

To MTV POWERPACK and FUI-YO users, if you have decided to change to either one of these plan, keep in mind that you will not be able to change back to your previous plan as MTV P and FUI-YO plans are not longer available.

oh well, just some information to share..hope is applicable for my Digi-user friends out there! Cheers & take care!!~

Me & Ah Joo (Dealer)

Me & Evon (promoter)

Hafiz & I!~=)

Jia Foong is the tall big guy with a friendly smile behind me!~

Smile with DIGI!~=)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Goodbye my dearest girls
till we meet again!!!


1 Setia (2008)

1 Feminin (2008)

Finally, 3 months' teaching practise is once-in-a-lifetime experience was over when my watch showed is time for me to end 1 Setia's Science lesson at 1040am on Friday, 24 Oct 2008.

It was so hard to say Goodbye to my girls. I know is hard for them too but still, i have to go.

Thank you for all the cards and gifts that i received from all of u. They are all so lovely and wonderful. but the best things are having you all as my students (my first badge!!!) and i hope my 3 months with you all can bring happiness and most of all, knowledge to you all about the way of studying and learning in a fun way.

To all my students, 1 Setia & 1 Feminin....
Thank you for everything!!!

Study Smart and help each other to improve and be the best that you all can be...

All the best for your coming finals and please do your very best!!!

I love you all and i will always pray for you all...Take care and smile always~ hugss...
Ms. Ida

Hugss and Kisses from
Cikgu !zzah, Ms. !da & Cikgu Nan!~


Last but not least,


May you always be blessed with good health and happiness...
God loves you..
I love you too...
Enjoy your day!!!!hugss!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just 22!~DOUBLE joy and happiness!!

Finally...the clock strikes 12 midnight!!~
Guess what i'm doing on the night before my BUrfday?!

Playing viwawa BIG 2.5 with tyng and han!~haha..

To all my friends who sent me gifts and b'dae messages through sms, mails, blogs, friendster, facebook, MSN...and by all other means!!~haha...(speaking about the power of communication and networking eh)...haha...
a BiG THANK YOU to all of you...

you all made me very very happy!~ even though i don't get to celebrate it with my family or close friends..but all these wishes and blessings are more than enough to fill my heart with gladness and warmth, im so touched and im really happy~

hereby, i would like to share with you all the cards my friends gave me cards..they are all so so so lovely!~Thanks buddies!!~

A Malay Version of B'dae card from my darling!~=.=".. haha...first time got a Malay b'dae card..
& Tyng's card!!.....
......still in the office~
haha...she planned to give me a surprise and thought i will check my mail box..but i didn get it on Thursday and when she told me on Friday, the office is closed and only open on Monday..haha...not bad~at least i still get a card on Monday!!muacks!!

From Kim Ching~ an air-mailed Boomerang!~ thanks pal!!and thanks for the song!~Andy's song really suit my day!

my birthday cake from ah ROCK!! delicious! the orange panda (just named it "rocky junior" 'cause it will keep rocking his head side to side when exposed to light~(remind me of my orange plant at home from kChing!~haha) & the card..with b'dae song somemore!~

A gift from Rizal!~ he even blogged about me just for my birthday!

A SWEET card and a name -chain from SuiChen and Calvin~
& also a dinner treat on Friday!!~

My dearest Gayitri!!~haha... she hid it "somewhere in" her before she gave me~haha...

From my cute and most dearest mentor in STF... she put it in my bag without my knowledge... was really surprised to found a card in my bag...haha.. THANK you Pn. SHIDA!

Last but not leasr,
a card from my mUmmie!!~

and a little wish bottle...she gave me 6 wishes!!!~haha...
mummie, thank you so much! i love you too...too much!!

my 6 wishes from mummie!!

Well, that's all my cards for this year~ what now??too bad my coursemates are not around in campus, im not back home yet, my friends in Uni (mostly final year got busy) and my roomate went for church service today...hmmm.....practically, yea, im alone.haha...but is my BIRTHDAY!!!! i think im gonna find something to do and make myself happy~ haha...have a good day my friends!!!~take care!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Semester 2008/2009/2

To my coursemates of 3SPN, the registration starts tomorrow(13/10/2008) until 24/10/2008(Friday). I took a photo to show the section for 3-SPN to register for each subject. (you can enlarge it to have a better view) Kindly pass the message around to our friends and if anyone cannot do their registration online, please SMS me and let me know. I can register for you. Two more weeks to go!!!~ALL THE BEST!!~ see you guys very soon!!~

P/S: the NEW timetable is out too. You can go HERE to print it out!~

just got my renewed road-tax on Friday..
is in ORANGE colour!!haha..

I woke up suddenly and realized that the day was bright.I quickly switched on my handphone to check the time (clock on desk too far, cannot see without my glasses..haha..) oOps!~is 715a.m.! i was supposed to wake up at 630a.m. to attend mass in JB with my teacher and why didn't my alarm clock rang? It was as simple as "i forgot to tick "Sunday" in repitition category."=.="....

So, in a rush, managed to freshen up myself, changed and called Mrs. Chong that im on my way out. well, she just wake up too...(mass starts at 745a.m.) from UTM to STF takes about 20 minutes..jumped into my car, started the engine and set to go.

Reached STF about 15 minutes (took a shortcut..shhh...haha) no sign of Mrs. Chong's car anyway, and also Eldaa (the only Christian girl in the school..i mentioned about her before in my previous post). i waited for about 5 minutes (i know, we are already late for mass) then only saw Eldaa. She went in the office to get permission from the warden for outing and just when she's done, Mrs. Chong arrived. Both of us went in and off we go to Sacred Heart Church near Taman Pelangi in JB.

It's my first time to Sacred Heart. It's a very lovely church next to a post office.Obviously, we are really late and we missed the opening prayer and readings. I felt bad about it. But at least we still make it for the mass.

the altar

Mother Mary statue

The mass ended around 845a.m. After blessing from the priest, who happens to be an Irish (same as one of the priest in Kuching, St. Joseph Church...can't remember his name..Father Albert???), we prayed for a while in a special prayer room where they put the Body of Christ. After that, we get ready to leave. Mrs. Chong met a few of her friends in church and she kindly introduced me and Eldaa to her friends. She introduced me as "her colleague". haha..guess what's the reaction of her friends?

"She's so young!~A very young teacher!~"

haha..yea, with a T-shirt and jeans on me, of course i look young.but im very happy and honoured to be known as Mrs. Chong's colleague. I'm a future teacher anyway.haha...

After mass, we went for breakfast. At first, Mrs. Chong planned to bring us for Fishball soup but the shop was not opened yet. So, instead of fishball soup, we went for wantan mee. I noticed a phenomenon in Johor, breakfast are not as laku as in Kuching!!~ hardly see young people having breakfast offence to my WM friends but even Mrs. Chong agrees. In Kuching, me and my friends often meet up for breakfast which is quite normal for us...but not here, most of my friends will rather have lunch (or brunch to be appropriate) together. haha..culture shock? not at all!~

well, after wantan mee, Mrs. Chong dropped by a bakery shop (Season Bakery - a popular bakery shop here, almost like MITA or TAKA bakery in Kuching) and bought me and Eldaa each a set of assorted cakes.That's so nice of happy to get cakes!~haha...well, not think too much but sweet things do make you happy rite??so yes~i'm happy!

Back to STF, got in my car and headed back to UTM. But before that, i went to JUSCO in Taman U to buy mineral water. Almost finished my stock in room and decided to shop something for myself. A pair of shoes maybe?? I was thinking...

reached JJ (the name people used for Jaya JUSCO) around 1015a.m.~hardly see any shop open yet! (operation time 1030a.m to 1030p.m.) my first time to a almost empty JJ because usually is like people mountain people sea in JJ!! that's one reason i dun really like to hang around in JJ but today was quite a pleasant sight.haha..

with two boxes of (1.5litre x 12) mineral water in my trolley (yes~i'm the one who carry the boxes, not the staff) and just wander around to see if i needed anything else. I'm glad that i did that. haha..Guess what i found? a PERFECT gift for myself!~


a Beijing Olympic 2008 souvenir cap in orange and white design!~

=front view=

=side view=
nice it!!

It is displayed in the glass cupboard. No wonder i never seen it or noticed it before this!! The design i picked comes with 3 colours, pink, blue and orange. blue and orange only left the last one. i think i think for....2 seconds?? and decided to buy the orange one. haha..oh well, orange is a great temptation for me and after all, i love baseball caps!~(i have a few right back home if my dad didn took them for himself lah) it will be even useful during holidays when im going for trips with my friends!! (speaking of trip, there is one coming on!!!~stil in the process of planning...hehe...=))

there you have it...i'm just wanna share with you guys my "happiness".haha..yea, despite i'm going home in 2 weeks' time and finishing my observations for teaching practical, i think i still can find a lot more reasons to be happy.

well, that's my lovely Sunday morning~ hope you guys have a great day and great week ahead!!~hugss!~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My 1st Nomination
my 10 Lucky stars~

Tammy-san, arigatou gozaimasu!tottemo hikkurishita(surprised) nee!~

haha..again thanks to Tammy who kindly nominated my blog as one her lucky stars!~ it was cool 'cause it's kinda first time for here goes, as Tammy mentioned in her blog, i have to pass this on by selecting 10 more nominations of blogs...well, that's not a difficult task at all 'cause i think i have more than enough blogs of my choice to be goes..

1. CalvinChong
My old and best pal, a trustworthy friend~
Keep up with your photo blogging!~your photos are amazing..just love your blog~
keep writing and remember "Nobody walks alone"!~

2. AngelaChang
Dear Angela, a sweet young lady with a heart of gold.
I like reading your blog.Keep blogging!~

3. SzeShyangKho
A cute future doctor, with a sense of humour...
most importantly, a real Kuching-kia (read his comics)!~

4. DodoTay
A future doctor, a young future doctor~
start reading his blog last year and still "clicking" it.

5. CassieChong
Once my tuition classmate (ITS?)... a sweet girl who has bunnies as pet!!~
love reading about them. =)

6. HazelAnthony
She had a blog shared with her girls..i think that's real cool and sweet!!~
interesting life and beautiful smiles!!~miss yea sista!!~

7. AlexLim
A guy like his header says: "living life to its fullest"!~ an active scout member in school, a band major and now, a cool dude persuing his dream!!~All the best!~

8. PriscillaKho
A sweet and gentle girl..and she's fair!!~hehe...she blogs about her life, her family...
love reading them especially with all those nice layouts...stay sweet gal!~

9. SheilaTan
Love reading about her life in far, we have 2 things in common...our surname and i know her mum~hehe..she's my ITS teacher, Mrs. Tan.=)

10. ... ...
well, for my 10th lucky star, i guess i have to leave it blank for the moment..ever since i changed my blog layout, i lost many of my friend's blog link and im in the process of tracking them back...everyone is doing a great job in blogging, good enough to keep us update about their life, their thoughts or even get to know someone you never met...i think is real cool and i adore that..

Finally, to my lucky stars, it seems that you have to pass on the butterfly....
  1. Put the logo on your blog.
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
  4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
  5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

To all my friends, this is the era of BLOGGING!~ keep updating your blog and stay real!~thank you to those who read and credits to those who blog!~

Ganbarimasho!~Good day!!~=)
HOUSE Season 4

Dr. Gregory House
starring Hugh Laurie

Yes. Im so into HOUSE lately ever since i got it from my sis during my one week stay back home for her engagement. Though only got episode 1-13 and though is my first time watching it (i knew about this TV show long ago, just didn't get the chance to watch it), i immediately "fell in love" with it and find Dr. House very amusing and interesting. haha..he made me laugh with his sense of sarcasm and of course..his sense of humour..not only that, im also impressed with his skills and knowledge when it comes to the way, did i mentioned that he only diagnose those cases which he "thinks" is interesting???

In season 4, he was asked by Dr. Lisa Cuddy (the head of the hospital) to get another team of doctors ( as before this, he got a team consists of 3 members; Chase, Cameron & Foreman) to wrok with him. Well, he did all sort of tricks just to avoid this topic with Dr. Cuddy but end up getting a team by choosing three doctors among a class of 40. haha..he was really an interesting and unique character.

i wonder if there's really a doctor like him?? ......hmmm.......

i finished the 13 episodes and was hoping to get the finale for that season.Haha..and yes! i got it from Louis. It was so happens that i asked about House and he got all the seasons!!~my gosh!! Thanks Louis!!! was really thrilled when i knew that! well, he gave me episode 15-16 for House Season 4 and it turned out to be a really sad ending for the season..for those who watched surely agreed with me...very sad and very unexpected..the emotions are really all over...

The is the scene which Amber is going to die after involving in a bus crash because she went pick Dr. House up instead of Dr. Wilson (House's best friend) which was really heart-touching and it made me so sad...The song that was playing, Iron & Wine- Passing Afternoon was a hit!~ here's the really meaningful...

There are times that walk from you like some passing afternoon
Summer warmed the open window of her honeymoon
And she chose a yard to burn but the ground remembers her
Wooden spoons, her children stir her Bougainvillea blooms

There are things that drift away like our endless, numbered days
Autumn blew the quilt right off the perfect bed she made
And she's chosen to believe in the hymns her mother sings
Sunday pulls its children from their piles of fallen leaves

There are sailing ships that pass all our bodies in the grass
Springtime calls her children 'till she let's them go at last
And she's chosen where to be, though she's lost her wedding ring
Somewhere near her misplaced jar of Bougainvillea seeds

There are things we can't recall, blind as night that finds us all
Winter tucks her children in, her fragile china dolls
But my hands remember hers, rolling 'round the shaded ferns
Naked arms, her secrets still like songs I'd never learned

There are names across the sea, only now I do believe
Sometimes, with the windows closed, she'll sit and think of me
But she'll mend his tattered clothes and they'll kiss as if they know
A baby sleeps in all our bones, so scared to be alone

"You can't always get what you want..." is what Amber told Dr. House when they met in House's dream after Amber died...hmm..that left me thinking..maybe in a way or another, it's sending the viewers a message....hahha...maybe is something else.....or maybe i just think too much~ haha...oh anyway,long story short, it's a TV show definitely worth watching!!~i'll continue to watch and so far im going the other way by starting from Season 1...hehe...

if u re also a fan of "HOUSE", do feel free to show me some links or even share me some of the seasons' episodes...haha...Thanks to those who will!!~=)
Feeling GOOD

5 days had passed, is a Saturday!~is my 11th week already...gosh, already start to miss my students and teachers...yea, 2 more weeks to go!~Guess what?! " Merdeka!!" haha..i had 2 observations in a day on Friday which one is by my lecturer (she came to the school without telling me earlier - a 'surprise' observation) and another one is by my mentor, Pn Norsidah. Both were my last observation for my full teaching practical; 3 observations by lecturer & 6 from mentor.

Hurray!!~the feeling is like "finals are over!" even though i do not have to sit for any final exam this semester...haha...really happy..The real happy thing is i got both positive feedbacks from them...Lecturer commented me as "a good mentor to stucents", "able to make teaching fun & enjoyable" and "able to motivate students"..=) no sense of "haolien-ness" here..just to share...and as for my mentor, she also gave comments like "teacher possessed high spirit and self confidence", "2-ways interactions between teacher and students" and "induction set is interesting".

It was a feeling of relief and haapiness and also contentment. It feels really great to see real comments about urself ( in my case, teaching), it does help to increase my self-esteem.wahaha...isn't it wonderful??i'm feeling glad and wonderful indeed!~

the day didn end just like that. One of the chemistry teachers, Pn Rohaiza invited us over to her open-house. I went over with Pn. Shida and her eldest son, Danish who is only 8 years old. She drove and we chat along the way.we reached Pn. Rohaiza's house in about 15 minutes. She welcomed us and served us spagetti & soto!! case some of u are not familiar with the name of food called soto, is where you eat the ketupat (sometimes bee hoon or mee) with the soup (chicken soup or beef soup) and you eat it with sambal kicap. remember? i made the sambal at Pn. Nor Azian's house. haha..

I didn managed to get any pictures. haha..but i did get some chocolate bars.=p Pn. Rohaiza's house is a corner semi-detached house but she bought the house next door so it became even bigger house. very nicely renovated and even got a mini waterfall just in front of her house compund.most of the school teachers were there.after the lunch, we thanked her and left.

Back to school, i dropped by Pn. Shida's house sort as to "raya" while waiting for Danish to take bath and get ready for religious class in the afternoon at 230p.m. As i wait, Danish gave me some old photo albums to look cute lah him, he even showed me his baby's photos and his brothers...there were also pictures of Pn. Shida when she's young. I enjoyed my time there!~=) do bring back alot of memories....

Finally, i went back to the staffroom where izzah and nani were waiting for me...hehe...for your information, izzah is back!!~ yea, back to school. She's doing well just still recovering from her wounds.haha..she was the "star" today because every teacher who passed by were concerned and asked about her condition. haha...we were joking that she should record the frequent questions asked and play it whenever she was asked...nah...just kidding, really!!~hehe...

Before we headed back to UTM, i went to collect my renewed road tax sticker from the owner of the car. On the way back to UTM, i dropped by SHELL to fill petrol for my car and treat all of us ice-cream!!~haha..the weather was so so so hot!!! it usually rain during the afternoon but not yesterday!!~HOT!~ haha..look how happy is izzah with the ice-cream...

Happy izzah with ice-cream..haha...

and not a 'mum'. izzah and nani kept teasing me like their mummy since their accident and i helped them in someway..please lah...not that old yet..haha...

That was almost how my friday went..when i reached room, im so sleepy because of the hot i took a shower and washed my hair. so refreshing!!~ haha..but that made me even sleepy 'cause im feeling so comfortable and xiang xiang...haha...nap like a baby~

2 more weeks!!~all i have to do now is to finish marking all my students' activity and experiment reports!!~ piles of them!!haha...enjoying it though...well well well, I just can't wait to go home!!~=p have a great weekend my friends!!~

photo i took on Wednesday when Pn. Shida treat me and En. Mizan for lunch at House of the Sundanese Food at City Square, JB..the food was mouth watering & simply delicious!!~

Pn. Shida & I

Roasted Chicken with Spices

Udang Sambal

Egg Taufu with Sambal

Soup of the day

Ikan panggang

Taufu Balls