Sunday, August 23, 2009

^^ My pieces of thoughts^^

many thoughts may run through your mind..sometimes i feel so much better after i wrote it out and expressing them in my words...these are some of the shout-outs i wrote in my facebook for the past 2 months..haha..i enjoy reading them over and over again cuz they remind me of my feelings and how i overcome them or how i feel about for those who read it for the first time, i hope u will like them just the way i do..=) cheers


When you lost something important, u have to learn to let go cuz even u know it wont come back anymore. Issues of the past should be forgotten and forgiven, only by making peace with our past, we wont spoil out present. Agree to disagree cuz u dont have to win every argument. Just smile and relax. Live your life with choices you wont regret cuz u only have one life. Take my smile and keep it^^be blessed!~

August 20, 2009

Life can be so colourful & beautiful when you open your heart to others. Basket of love, joy & hapiness are meant to share, so they will always be full. So, always take TOO much pictures, laugh TOO much and love with ALL your heart. You never know when you will lost the chance to do all that. Hold on to your faith and dreams, hold on to my heart, I'll always be there to shine for you^^be blessed.cheers.

August 17, 2009

Simple moments are worth remembering for a lifetime; simple happiness are worth sharing with friends ^ loved ones at anytime. Life's too short to be wasted on complications. When things turn out the way you didn expect them to be, smile cuz they happened^^ What is hurting u, not killing u, makes u stronger each day & always take in charge of your own happiness^^be blessed with abundant smiles and good health. Cheers!!

August 8, 2009

A heart of gold, no one will let go. A heart of stone, no one will go for. But most of the time, we have a heart made of water, it melts & sometimes broken after harden. Wish i have a heart with lots of sunshine, so i can feel the warmth whenever i need it. Love yourself, simle cuz there's always be a better tomorrow^^you will never know how your smile can shine throught the rain of the world. God bless our hearts.

August 2, 2009

Lately, physically and mentally challenged!!!but still, reminding myself to find time for a smile, share my faith of love and sprinkle a little happiness of mine. Life aint all about what you achieved in the end, but is the process that counts, making you who you are in the eyes of our loving God!!keep my head up and my heart strong^^my angel, never let me fall!!

July 28, 2009

Words can be harsh at times, so speak gently; you never know who's heart you will hurt. Acts can be misleading at times so act wisely; you never know what trouble you will get yourself into^^My guardian angel, walk with me & hold my hands so im not alone in the dark & that your wings will cover me from the eyes of the world. I'll remember to keep my heart strong and go for my dreams!maybe one day dreams fo come true.cheers!!

July 26, 2009

To ask for what is not yours is unrightful; to be thankful for what you have is a blessing. Some things in this world may be overwhelming but they are not lasting. Only people who love and appreciate you for who you are can give u the meaning of life. Dont overlook & step away, one day u might realised that you have missed that very piece of you which is meant to make you life complete^^be blessed be loved~

July 21, 2009

I hold an angel today & she hugged me. She smells my hair & smiles at me with her heart. Some people are so lucky but they forget how to be happy. Others may not be that fortunate but they are blessed with happiness. May you always find the reason to smile and live your life to the fullest. Always keep your heart for the special ones and one day you will find your angel. I'll keep my finger crossed. God blessed^^

July 19, 2009

The world has too many eyes, but not many hearts. Eyes can be deceitful, but not your heart. Remember is the inner beauty that is what worth you going for. You are who you are, special & precious in your own gentle way. Smile with your heart. Only those who understand will see it^ cheers!!

July 17, 2009

Whatever life brings you, take it, hold it and treasure it. You never know what is coming for you. Whatever love shows you, bear it, share it & cherish it. you never know what is life until u love & sometimes get hurt by it. Smile with your heart & be happy. Life's too short.

June 20, 2009

Dont measure your success or failure by material wealth but how you feel. Our feelings determine the richness of our life & feelings dont lie. Love with your heart & your heart will be loved. cheers.

June 16, 2009

Dont ever forget how we laugh, yesterday was a piece to remember. Dont ever be too proud to cry ot be sad, today is a time to cherish. Dont ever be too stubborn to smile, tomorrow will be our day to shine!!!cheers!!

June 7, 2009

快乐=简单,简单=快乐。做人简简单单,为善最乐。 爱也要简简单单,知足常乐。 何乐而不为呢? 愿大家快乐,不要忘了笑咯!!

June 7, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

AUGUST is back^^

time flies!!!is almost end of august and today is the first day of Bulan Ramadhan^^

To all my Muslim Friends & students,


i still remember last year this time im in STF having my teaching of the most memorable teaching experience i had and will always be the sweetest memories in my teaching life. i hope the teachers and the girls are doing really well and happy. i met some of the last year form 3 girls at McD 2 weeks ago..they still remembered me and called me "teacher ida"..haha...i was really happy =p miss you all very much!!~hope to see u all real soon.


this is my 7th week of the semester dy. supposed to have a mid-break at the 7th week for every semester.however, not this semester. the mid-sem break will be combine with the raya break at the 12th week which will start sometime around 20th, there's still around 3 more weeks to go^^ tired but satisfying are the words i want to use to describe my life here for the past few weeks.....just finished with SUKAM 2009!~got 6th for high-jumping, no place for netball(girls) but 1st runner up for the Netball boys!!!i'm proud to say that, im their trainer^^hahaha...enjoyed it so much!!supposed to take part in Tennis single, but i sprained left ankle during my netball i have to give up my tennis =( but still i have to take care of my ankle^^i need my legs!!~haha...cant afford to injure myself during this pack season =p

everyday are well-spent with quizzes, assignments, lab reports and especially tests for this two weeks.. but last week,i was involved with a "Kem Pendidikan" program for the form 5 students from schools under DUN Pasir Raja^^ it was one of the best camp ever & i really enjoyed myself for that 3 days 2 nights camp at my college.

3 indian girls were staying with me as there's no enough empty rooms to accommodate 170 students. so some of the facillitators will take in some of them and have extra roomates^^ the girls, Mangalay, Sangeetha & Puva are such sweet girls...they were very happy when they get to know that they are staying with me...haha...others were asking them to exchange with them cuz they wanted to stay with me =p it was nice having them around. they even helped me to clean my room!!!! haha...didn had much time to be in my room since the program was pack with activities and we had only 6 days for all the preparation. I was one of the head for publicity with my partner Raj.

we designed the banner, the poster, the facillitators' nametags, the certificates...haha..i enjoyed all the was great^^Raj and I were working stress or tension at all..everything were carried out smoothly..we had a numbers of slots and games for the students...mostly fun-based but there's lots to learn from all the games that were chosen...students are happy, facis are happy and most importantly, we had FUN!!!!the facis are great and lovely complaints and we work as a family. i enjoyed the presence of all of them.

the camp was last saturday again..i just had my Radiochemistry Test this wednesday, Physical chemistry quiz yesterday and alot more quizzes to come...even now, im working on my microbiology quiz...take home quiz...(should be take room quiz, cuz my home very far..haha...=p)

life in uni is good and keeps me occupied. i get the chance to enjoy every busy moments and also the lazy moments when things are piled up!!~moreover, final year project, thesis to keep on track really making everyday so pack and hardly find the time to breath...ok, breath in, breath out...breath in..haha...oh, better!!! im loving my life here and i hope i can keep this up^^

i just get to know that my teacher supervisor from STF, kak shida delivered a baby boy last tuesyday!!!a fourth boy^^haha...thats wonderful..though she was hoping for a baby girl since with the three boys at home, but a baby boy is just nice to make up the four brothers^^once i heard my friend, izzah if im not mistaken, she told me, if a mother gave birth to four sons, she is said to be given birth to four leaders of tomorrow!!!so kak shida, well done!!!!god bless you and i hope you take a good rest after ur not easy^^though i dun have any experience,haha..but i know u are ard the best mother a child could have when u bring them to this u^^

is been almost 2 months since i left home and came back to UTM...i do miss my mum and sisters and i pray for them everyday.i miss TIGER too^^ heard mummy said, he's very naughty...getting bigger and noiser...haha...he have a white pig soft toy in his kennel to keep him company (i put that in =p) and now he kept taking it out when mummy let him out at night which kinda annoy my mum cuz she has to put it back every morning!!!!hahaha....mummy said she's getting older and TIGER is nothing but trouble...hahaha..wish i was there...surely i'll "cubit" Tiger's butt if he's naughty...oh, i miss my Tiger BOy...=)

my sis is getting married soon!!~the lovely bride-to-be is busy preparing for her wedding and i hope everything going fine. God will bless you dear sis...just have faith and follow ur heart. is your wedding, once in a lifetime, no one else can make u happier other than you your choice^^da jie will always here to support always with you..i love u so much!!! same goes to len len..=) work hard and appreciate what God has given u..a good job, a home and your sweetheart...jie jie always pray for you..i love you too my little sister...hehe, not so little anymore, my sisters are so grown up to be gorgeous young ladies...i just pray that we will always have each other in our hearts...hugss^^

is a cold night, but somehow deep inside my heart, there's a piece of warmth..a touch of love and words of faith can sometimes be so powerful that nothing shall come in your way to bring you down...always hold on to your faith...u know you can always go further!!!love yourself and love people around u...share that basket of love that you have, so it will never be empty and happiness will come along. =)

blessed all who have love in their heart & faith in their hands.all the best for future undertakings to all my friends who just graduated during this latest CONVOCATION!!!

(Cyong koko, Janice, Wei, Csin, Rock rock, Pei Ling, Gab....& all my dear friends)

Also to my juniors who are having their mock exams for STPM. =) form 6 is not difficult but i know is not easy too. Just do your best!! dun ever give up!!u are just one step closer to a wonderful future =)

Tyng came to UTM^^so happy to see u!!hugs!!

have a sweet sweet sweet day^^cheers!!

me^^ hehe...
take care dear friends!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



哈哈~终于!~=p 现在能上网,写写部落,我对自己还有一点点满意(真的是一点点啦!第一次嘛)。哈哈...好玩!诶朋友,谢谢咯!










很快地,我回来大学也有一个星期多了。由于变换新家具,我的宿舍还没好,所以就暂时和朋友住在felo的屋子。很不错哦~不只可以无线上网,还有免费冷气享用。=p 好几次想要打网球,但碍于我的球鞋还被收在储藏室,根本没有鞋子运动。昨天,下了决心,要买一双新网球鞋奖励自己在上个学期,“生存”下来,所以...太棒了!有新鞋穿!=)














Friday, June 26, 2009


用起伏的背影 挡住哭泣的心
有些故事 不必说给 每个人听
许多眼睛 看得太浅太近
错过我没被看见 那个自己

用简单的言语 解开超载的心
有些情绪 是该说给 懂的人听
你的热泪 比我激动怜惜
我发誓要更努力 更有勇气













愿他幸福、快乐... ....

Saturday, June 20, 2009









Home, where love begins

Years passed
stories told
laughters spread
tears shared
I'm still a daughter, a sister
a special bond gifted
by someone above who loves us so much

i was home
a place in my heart
the big grey metal gate
the smell of family
the cozy couch i lay around for movies
my collection of memories
my heart...
most importantly
i have my loved ones with me

at night
i lay beside her
i watched her sleep
sometimes i wonder what's in her dreams
at times i wish i'm in her dreams
for i'll make it a sweet one
some nights we stayed up
we chat & we laugh
we share our thoughts
the best time a mother & a daughter can have
nothing can compare
the pain she bear for me
to bring me to this world
the love she pour on me
to make me who i am today

6 weeks passed by
my heart find its way
through many things
photos, writings, conversations...
i'm reaching deep inside of me
Am I...?
Should I...?
Why you...?
Why us..?

everything is different but the same
how can they be, you may ask
but is true
the earth won't stop spinning
the sun won't stop shining
& we won't stop loving each other
we are living our life
there's nothing to be afraid of
'cause He is with us

you are my angel, my diamond;
u gave me everything in this world when u gave birth to me
so there's nothing i shud ask more from you

you are HIS child, HIS precious;
he gave us to you 'cause He knows you are the best for us

Mummy, I LOVE YOU~
you re the best gift a daughter can have
I'm blessed
...+Happy Birthday,Mummy+...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Angels from Heaven
One moment in life
Two person met each other
Beautiful sunshine, lovely rainbow
Love came in
Three precious smiles
endless sweetness
Three little hearts
endless love
hands to hold
shoulders to share
hugs to give
& love to spread
we are meant to be together
before we are even born
God has tie our bonds
He sees it all
He knows we are the best for each other
through the years of growing up
we are together
we walked pebbles road in the park with our little feet
we hold our little hands tightly as we walk in the crowd
we fight over who gets to have the swing first
then we laugh when one of us break a joke
we cry when we said hurtful things
then we hug and say the most powerful words,
"I'm sorry & I love u"
one year passed
three years gone
five years of dolls
seven years of pillow fights
10 years of birthday parties
18 years of love
22 years of sisterhood
we have come so far
from baby pink
to Orange
& Red
we started to have our own choice of colours
from doll-styled hair
to long
& dyes
we started to shine our own way
we used to talk about playgrounds & ice-creams
we always wear the same "pattern" of dresses
we cuddled in bed & giggle about dreams
we always fell asleep without brushing our teeth
as years goes by
topics changed
we started to meet people
we had crushes
we had friends
we had best friends
we had stories
& we had a different life
but i know we never gone far apart
before we realised it
one of us is getting married
a beautiful bride-to-be
smiles so lovely
touch so gentle
& a heart fullfilled with courage for love
tears of joy rolled down my cheeks
when the love of yours kneeled down
& asked for your hands
to walk with him in the journey of life
i never knew i will have that feelings
so real & touching
my little sister
who i get so angry when u peeped my diary
who i lose my temper when u took my favourite pillow
but in the end
we always have reasons to forgive each other
my youngest sister
a favourite among children
a favourite among elders
we love you
& we want the best for you
eldest child always have the first step
the younger ones follow behind
thats why is so important that the eldest walk the right path
lead the right way
have the right attitude
& shower ample love for your little ones
is hard and painful when we fall
we may slipped and fall
we may missed a step and fall again
but we never stop there
we get up, pat ourselves, dry our tears
& we get over it
cuz we know there's always a hand to hold us from falling
wind to carry us
& love to keep us alive
my sisters
become my best friends
my sisters
become my best parters in life
& my sisters
become the most beautiful reason for me to smile
the world outside is full of challenges
but i know there will always be a place we can run to
to shelter us from any harm
and provide the comfort and support we long for
the world is always changing
but i know there's one thing that will never change
that is our love for each other
the support and prayers we have for each other
nothing stands between our hearts
cuz our hearts are ONE
three angels
three beautiful gifts from GOD
when things go wrong
& emptiness fill our hearts
when we are sad or down
& when disappointment fill our hearts
always look up and remember to smile
cuz only the smiles that struggle through tears
will be the most beautiful
my love for both of you grow more with each passing day
the thought of both of your gorgeous face fill my heart
& our brown eyes will fill people's souls with happiness
because i know
we are children of God
angels from heaven
only a heartless person will shut his door at us
missing all the love we give
the joy we bring
& the beautiful smiles we share
heartaches are real
disappointments are true
being strong is an option
not a must
but deep in our hearts
we all know that
things will turn out to be just alright
he became the only reason for us to be sad
but we realised
there are a thousand more reasons for us to be happy
so be it
rainbow, sunshines & butterflies
we will have them all in the end of the road
at the meanwhile
we are sharing baskets of strength, love, happiness & joy
all from the love of God
too bad he choose another path
is his choice
so be it
young & loving
fun & charming
hugs & kisses
smiles & tears
that what make us who we are today
& i thanked God that he make us understand better
that we are worth more than that
one day
maybe just one day
u will see there's an empty spot in our hearts
but when u look in deep
u will see the empty spot in our hearts actually is filled up
with God's love & blessing for us
i love you my dear sisters
keep shinning and keep loving
no matter what life will bring us
you know da che will be here for you both
thats not a promise
thats the fact
& the bonds we shared
will held our hearts close to each other
no matter how far we are apart

both of u are
my ANGELS from heaven

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Butterfly kisses - Bob Charlisle
"There's two things i know for sure
she was sent here from heaven
and she's daddy's little girl
as i drop my knees by her bed at night
she talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
and i thanked God for all of the joy in my life
oh but most of all

for butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
walk beside the pony daddy it's my first ride
i know the cake looks funny daddy but i sure tried

oh with all that I've done wrong
i must have done something right
to deserve a hug every morning
and butterfly kisses at night

sweet 16 today
she's looking like her mama little more everyday
to perfume and make up from ribbons and curls
trying her wings out in a great big world
but i remember

butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
you know how much i LOVE you daddy
but if u don't mind
I'm gonna kiss you on the cheek this time

oh with all that I've done wrong
i must have done something right
to deserve a hug every morning
and butterfly kisses at night

all the precious time
like the wind the years go by
precious butterfly
spread your wings and fly

she'll change her name today
she'll make a promise and i'll give her away
standing in the bride room just staring at her
she asked me what I'm thinking
and i said i'm not sure
i just feel like I'm loosing my baby girl
and she leaned over

gave me butterfly kises with her mama there
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
walk me down the isle daddy
it's just about time
does my wedding gown look pretty daddy
daddy dont cry

Oh with all that i've done wrong
i must have done something right
to deserve her love every morning
and butterfly kisses

i couldnt ask God for more than this is wad love is
i know i've got to let her go but i'll always remember
every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses"
a beautiful song for a lovely morning
a song just so right for that daddy's little girl whom i knew a long time ago

an ordinary day, a different Sunday
something hopped in my mind
is a feeling that i cannot explain
a feeling that had been haunting me for quite sometime lately

why now & why you?
what then & how?

i've always been there to witness all
such strong bonds we had
something so special
'cuz God in heaven know us so well
that He choose to put us together as one
but somehow, a decision was made

everything will not be the same anymore
though i understand
nothing in this world will stay the same forever
things will change, people will change
but, u were the last person i expected to put me in this situation

the time spent
the jokes shared
the laughs we had
the love we showed
the memories of growing up
everything shall be kept to our hearts now

maybe many years from now
when you looked back
if u remember
you will see smiles that are so familiar to u
are no longer yours
you will see the shines in our eyes
but they wont be shining for you

you made your decision
is time for us to make ours

instead of waiting or longing or hoping
for you to give us the reason to be happy
we create our own way to be happy
something as simple as a smile will be enough to start our way

life is a journey
every turn we decide can lead us to the unexpected
people we meet, words we receive
but we must believe
at the very end of the road
there will always be rainbow to light up our hearts
keep holding on
still holding on
i know everything will turn out just fine

every hugs
every smiles
every kisses
i'll save them all
for the ones i love & care
because nothing in this world mean more than them to me
they deserve more than i can give
i dream & someday my dreams will come true
i love & someday my love will return
i smile & someday someone who understand my smiles will find me
so much to lose and very little to choose
choose wisely & choose with your heart
so you will never lose what u have chosen
i couldnt ask God for more
'cuz He had given me so much
im no more a little girl
i know what i have to choose
u know i love you
& u know i will shine
but u have no idea what u are missing

..::26th April 2009::..
+a birthday+
+an ordinary day+
+a different Sunday+

Thursday, April 23, 2009

That's the way it is
Celine Dion
I can read your mind
And i know your story
I see what you're going through
It's an uphill climb
And I'm feeling sorry
But I know it will come to you
Don't surrender
'cause you can win
In this thing called love
When you want it the most
There's no easy way out
When you're ready to go
And your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is
When you question me
for a simple answer
I don't know what to say
But it's plain to see
If you stick together
You're gonna find the way
So don't surrender
'cause you can win
In this thing called love
When you want it the most
There's no easy way out
When you're ready to go
And your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is
That's the way it is
When life is empty
With no tomorrow
And loneliness starts to call
Baby don't worry
Forget your sorrow
'cause love's gonna conquer it all
When you want it the most
There's no easy way out
When you're ready to go
And your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

A very meaningful song. the words speak for itself & it's true, there's no easy way out in everything.i must hold on.

Set my mind, set my heart to face anything that's coming my way.'cause no matter what the situation is, i know, God is there, you are there and i will get through it!!!

2 more weeks, 4 more papers and im heading HOME, a place so familiar yet so far to reach. There's so many questions in my head now and i don't have the answers to all.

all i have to do now is focus and be clear what i want and what i have to do.must stay true to myself.

stay blessed everyone~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning thoughts...

One day
u might wake up to find that things are different from yesterday
u find that people u know for so long have changed
u find that time has taken many things from u
& at that very moment u know
life isnt going to be the same anymore

never take for granted every person who happens to be in ur life
people who fall in love with u
people who are close to ur heart
people who hate u
people who hurt u
or people who let u down and hit u hard
thank them for stepping into ur life and
when u think back
once in ur life, u met someone who did something to u
and make u who u are today

Don't compare your life to others'.
You have totally no idea what their journey is all about.
What other people think of you is none of your business.

Focus on what u have now and what u want in the future.
Life is too short to be wasted on hating anyone or even hating urself.
If u don't love yourself, how on earth will u learn to love others?

Issues of the past should be forgotten.
What has happened already happened.
No use crying over spilled milk.
Get up~Get real~and get over it
Make peace with ur past so it won't spoil ur present.

Everytime there's an argument
Face it and take it
but keep in mind that,
you don't have to win every argument.
Agree to disagree.
Just smile and laugh more
'cuz no matter how bad a situation is, it will change

Same as no matter how good a situation is, it will still change
but it will be different if we learn to appreciate and treasure
all that has happened to us.
God never waste a hurt
What is hurting u, not killing u,
makes u stronger each day

Do not have negative thoughts over things that u cannot control
Instead, save and invest ur energy for a better, positive present moment.
Everyone has limits
Don't overdo, always keeps ur limit.

At times, u sure will feel down
u feel blue & u feel life isnt always fair
things that belong to u may just be gone
but remember, nothing belongs to u
everyone is a passer-by in life
they can walk in and they can step out
the only difference is the footprints and memories that was left behind
cherish every moment
the best is yet to come

I don't regret the things that i have done
n the things i didnt do
'cuz i know somewhere along the road
i must have done something right
for i ended up smiling
& thanking God for things that have happened to me

Sometimes, doing the right thing can be so difficult
everyone has their own way of thinking & seeing things
u cannot satisfied everyone
u don't have to

Don't waste your precious time and energy trying to do so
Life's too short

Get rid of anything that isnt useful, beautiful or joyful
Live ur life to the fullest with peace & love
thats the key to happiness
Have faith in God and lay ur worries & problems to Him
thats the key to solution
Give ur time and care to people around u
especially people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6
laugh with them
smile with them
care for them
thats the key to appreciate life

Be a person full of love and life
stay simple and be happy
When things go wrong and nothing seems to be right
cross ur fingers and pray to God
& tell urself "I'll get through it"
God heals everything

When u wake up in the morning
thank God for it
morning doesnt mean that u have to get up and work again
It is a way God's saying that
He loves us so much
He wants us to live another beautiful day

No one is incharge of my happiness except ME
i'll keep smiling and hold on
there's always be sunshine & rainbow after rain
i just have to enjoy the rain & get wet sometimes
'cuz i know
thats the life and im glad im still taking the journey

3 more days to FINALs!!!
i'll do my best!~

To all my friends preparing for final exams,
all the best & may God bless you~
Drink plenty of water, eat better and love urself
take great care & smile always

Have HOPE, have FAITH & have LOVE


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smile when in leisure
Smile when in pain
Smile when troubles pour like rain
Smile when someone hurt you feelings
'cuz you know, smiling always starts the healing!!!

i always love to smile 'cuz is just a natural thing to does not cost anything but u gain much from it. i remember this from somewhere:

people will forget what u did
people will forget what u said
but, people will never forget how u make them feel

feelings are such funny things that sometimes u have no idea what are they all about. lately i have many mix feelings, some with joy some with tears but no matter what my feelings are, i know life goes on and is my choice how i want to live with it...& so i thought, smile!~

smile and laugh more
smile and love more
smile and dream more...

A smile is a language that even baby can understand. so how come some people still dun get it?smile is contagious.when someone smiles at you, please smile back. 'cuz u never know, ur smile might just brighten up somebody's day!!! smile always~=)
Happy Easter~God has risen!!god bless everyone.
take care

Monday, April 06, 2009

My life My rules

Life is short
Break the rules
Forgive quickly
Love truly
Laugh constantly
& never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is

Life is not always the party we expected it to be
But as long as we are here,
we should smile & be grateful.

God never waste a hurt
even though the feelings are really heart-aching
i know God wants me to be strong & keep moving on.

God has a reason for allowing things to happen,
we may not understand His wisdom
but we simply have to trust His will

God bless us all the way.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So CLOSE yet so FAR

I'm not going to PERAK for the camp as the community service at Bukit Gantang, Perak was cancelled due to the tense political situation over there. i was so dissapointed to receive the news when our principle announced it on Tuesday night.=(

so sad yet have to accept the fact that we are not going. I was so ready and excited to go and carry out the activities that we planned and prepared together for over a week. What should i say... though surely there will be another chance to go, i just felt as though your warm heart was being splashed by a pail of cold the chinese saying goes...

oh well well well...that means i have more time to prepare for my quizzes, tests and assignments!!! i should do better since i have extra time for them..wakakka...will do my best!!!hope i get the chance to go for the camp in near !da!!~~=p

good day!!~

Sunday, March 08, 2009

!da's BACK!!!!

miss me??!~=P

There goes my first week of March.I've not been updating my blog for such a long time!!!~I was so in to my uni life that i spent more time OUT of my room than IN it!! not such a bad thing as you get more fresh air outside your little hostel doubled-room.=p many of my friends noticed my change in my attitude, my style of learning and even my sleeping time! haha..oh yes..there's a slight change in my sleeping time and hours...hmm..i dun really know the reason but i know im very different compared to my previous semesters. However, everything is A.O.K!~ will take care and most importantly drink plenty of water and get enough rest. sleeping wise, i will work on that..haha...

lots of programs and activities had been going on since the beginning of my new semester after my teaching practise in STF!!~ oh i missed all my girls...and the teachers in STF...hye girls, if you are reading this...."I MISS you!!!!" hope you gals are enjoying your study life in Form 2 and strive for your best. i know you can do it!! and remember what i said to you if you study and blindly follow your book...hehehe....yes~ i'll do something with your book!! so, be active!! read more books and go exercise!!spend time with your friends because your books wont take care of you when you're sick, your friends do. really miss you all....

oh alright..back to my activities..let's see...i was so occupied with my programs and at the same time managing my studies, i hardly find time to write it all out in my blog!!~i know i know...lazy bum~ahahah...oh well, so i thought uploading photos to friendster and facebook will be another way to keep my friends update to what im doing speak a thousand word, don't they?haha..but i know there's still something missing...without my "explanations", pictures only seem boring...hahhaha....teacher cannot help it...teacher "explains" that's what im going to do...but first, let me list out what have i involved myself for the past 2 months....

  • UTM students' representative council election 2009/2010 (Faculty Candidate)
Nomination of Candidate at Rumah Alumni, UTMPosters-stapling with our "jentera-jentera"...
from left:Ah Soon, me & Sharvinder
We LOST with PRIDE!!~haha...
but thanks for those who voted for me!!!

  • JKM Appreciation Dinner at Kampung Nelayan, Gelang Patah
From left: Ravin, Tan, Imran & I
Josh so happy wen Ah soon wanna "kiss" her..haha...
Calon MPP yang kalah
we...lost...*sob sob*..nay!~

I like this pic..but Tan as if fainted...haha..the BLACK team..ah soon, ure out!the three of us =)

  • Kolej Perdana SUPER (Sport Day) 2009 - Netball Competition
We are the CHAMPION team!!!yeah baby!~
  • IEM Week - Charity slot: A Day With Special Children
Sharvinder(Chairperson of this meaningful event) & I
  • 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration at Long Lama, Sarawak
I can "drive" the motor boat!~now im can survive if get posted to LONG LAMA..haha..shot gun catridges!!i fired one of these!~awesome feeling!!hunting pose
Fresh lobster from PAPUA NEW GUINEA!slurps~
The most tasty and fresh coconut drink ever!!slurp slurp!!~Fish fish..come~ come & ah Di!i miss you...
  • Malam Puncak Perdana 7 - Malam Etnik Kreatif (Master of Ceremony)
Masters of ceremony: Me, Sharvinder & Farah
Kitha, me, Gayitri & Jeyamani~ lovely sarees...with Hot & Pretty International Students..they are from CHINA..Josh & I
Sabah & Sarawak..haha..
Eka & kai Sheng( leng zai junior) =pMr. Soon Lam San & Ms. IdaTan junior and Tan Senior
(don't ask me about his expression, i didn know it until i saw this pic)
Farah & IThe k9 gang!~haha..
"Family photo" with Che mat & Pn. Zilla
Love it!
me & cute ekA and most excitingly...coming...
  • Community Service: Kem Pendidikan at BUKIT GANTANG, PERAK (B-GACS09) in conjunction with program organised by KPT & UTM
I will be going to PERAK next thursday night as the program will start on 13th March until 15th March. We will be organising programs for UPSR students from 2 different schools from that area. the objective of this camp is to motivate them and expose them to new things by sharing and care for them through some group activities. we have only 2 weeks plus to prepare everything but thanked god, everything is working out smoothly. Like today, we just had our aerobic session among the Facis!!( we only have 25 facilitators handling the camp..this is our team!) i was so excited that the aerobic was supposed to start at 7am..but i was used to wake up around 6am, so as usual i did. not feeling anymore sleepy, i got dressed and went for jogging around 615am!! was cold in the college is like on cloud and is dark~....haha..but everything fine..and so, as planned, we had our aerobic and dance...i feel great!~

despite all the hectic schedule for meetings and activities, thanked god i still manage to find time for studies. this semester is CRAZY!! im taking ..*ahem*...Applied Mechanics, Analytical Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Java Programming Language & Physics Lab II!!not forgetting im continuing my Japanese Language Preparation for JLPT2!! speaking of JLPT...the results are OUT!!!i wonder how i did for my JLPT3???ahhh.....hope i can pass...haha....see how "complex" is my credit subjects this semester???!! the 3 science subjects are already enough to give me a heart like FORM 6...i think worse than form i really wonder why my Form 6 teacher says that University will be a piece of cake compared to Form 6....ahh...however, im really enjoying all these "excitement" in studies and at the same time managing with time for all up to us to deal with it the hard way or take it as a challenge and face with an open sure things will turn out real fine....cross my fingers and pray hard!!!

another thing to share is that i am currently part of a students' exchange program under my faculty which is still in the proposal stage. My friends, Jayne, Joseph and I worked together and came out with a proposal for the program which it involved the exchange of UTM students to University of Michigan, US~ we are yet to hear any result from our again, cross my fingers!!! and cross yours too!!pray for me that i may have the chance to get it..hahha...will be attending the summer school in MU (Michigan University) in June if everything's on track.=) feels so good~but i was looking forward for a chance to go JAPAN!!!maybe next year then..hehe...

so i guess thats most of you know what i have been up to...for my PERAK kem Pendidikan, i will update my blog about it!!cuz it will be definitely worth sharing!!!till then my frens, take care and be happy!!!no one is incharge of your happiness except you!~so, smile and laugh more & just be you and be happy!!

cheers & God Bless!!!