Saturday, April 03, 2010

A new Beginning~Happy Easter everyone!

cant believe is Easter again~ n i cant believe how long had i "abandoned" my blog and left it to dim...=p my bad~

now, here i am, typing my words into my blog again. Maybe is the right time, is Easter, a new beginning.

Praise the Lord for He is risen! Praise the Lord!

I attended Good Friday mass yesterday. still not in time to be home to attend mass with mum and sis this year. Peace be with you, mum and let love fill our hearts too. It's been a hard year. Yes, one year it is. Glad we still can find beautiful things to talk about and laugh over silly funny stuffs. Thank you dear God~

Finally, i had presented my final year project on Monday. With God's will and grace, i managed to present it with confidence and everything was wonderful. As i rest my head before a meaningful day ended, my heart was filled with gratitude yet a breeze of emptiness swept me. I want to get rid of it. I want to let him know i have achieved something today. Call me your child, I always have been. Only that you might forgot the joy of having three. I want to let him know. Maybe one day he will know.

Now back to study week, but trust me, this is the first study week that i feel so not "study week" and the last time to feel. haha. is my final semester for my four years study. I am going to complete this journey in a matter of three weeks, with the four final papers. Thank god. I've reached here. Im grateful. I felt like i ve been running...running... to take up speed, wanting to spread my wings and wanting to fly... towards the blue sky. I guess now i can say that, my wings are spreading...only waiting to take off anytime. Is coming to an end, my university life, a life i never expected but too much to appreciate. But for every new beginnings to come, an end must meet. There's a new start for me. At least that one can bring me one step closer to my dreams...being a teacher.

Whether a school teacher or not, there's no doubt my dream to become a teacher will come true. I have been blessed with an offer to be a Japanese Language teacher...yes, is a blessing. even though is still in the progress for my application to be approved (have to get my first degree first), i will keep my fingers crossed. my heart too. Mummy, just a few more weeks. I'll be back to you. A daughter of yours, whom you love and never leave alone, with love that you given, i'll love u twice more than that. with all the support you gave, is time for you to lay back and let me be the pillar for your heart.

i'll stay strong as i ever will be. Nothing will be forever the same. little girl grows up and teary eyes open up. dark clouds will disappear and the sun will shine its warm ray and penetrate heart of stone. we will be alrite. Just like God promise, he never waste a hurt. He is always there.=)

Easter is here. so as grandpa and grandma's wedding anniversary. how things change in just four years. no one knows better. but im glad four years had passed and im glad i've see things go on until where i standing now...

Easter is a blessing. be blessed.I know i always have been.

Thank you God. I'll do my best in my final papers^^always will!