Friday, February 25, 2011

Being part of this and that

Well, my first post for year 2011! Great^^even after so long... Without realizing, it has been 5 months since i was back from Japan. So where was I in this 5 months?what have I done?what have i experienced? Many.

Coming back from Japan seems to be the beginning. I was getting busy for Convocation and making arrangements for my family. Mum and sister and brother-in-law happily came for my ceremony. It was exciting being able to wear the big heavy robe and finally with the mortarboard on our heads, we smiled proudly for the award of our first degree. My mother was being extra happy for her achievement. It was heart-warming for me. I called my graduation 'her' achievement as I will not be who I am standing at where I am if is not for her love and support. I know this must have mean alot to her as I can see the smile on her face and the sparkles in her eyes! Yes mum, we did it! I'm so proud and blessed to have you as my beloved mother. God, Thank you.

My Family

My dearest mother


After graduation in September, October stepped in. It was an emotional October for me. Lots of reflection and feeling confessions that were bubbling inside me. It was unavoidable. There was no place to hide my feelings. I have never missed someone more like how i missed him. He is the one. The one who will be there for me along the road and the one who will hold my hand no matter what. I was terribly disappointed with myself for not being able to see that when troubles in life came and took control over me. But he was there. He is my everything. I thanked God for giving me and giving us a new fresh start to reconnect our hearts and souls. This is it. We both knew it, is now and forever.I have always love him and always will. It had been an emotional and heart-challenging process, but nothing beats a good come back and from that moment on, love has conquered our hearts and filled our life with happiness and laughters again...That's how the magic of love works! I'm so blessed and being in love with him is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You and I, our hearts are one. Praise the Lord!^^

My dearest Sean Ho Chun Han, my first love, my best friend and my greatest companion...


While I have this great man with me riding the roller coaster of life, I was stuck with making decisions for my career. I am determined to be a teacher. However, the only thing i wasn't expecting was having the chance to be a foreign language teacher! I had been thinking of getting into secondary school and doing my best to make full use of my skills and knowledge of a Science teacher. Life is always unpredictable^^

There I was, during my final semester, being offered a chance to continue training as a Japanese Language teacher in tertiary level. It was a wonderful opportunity. The only part that kept me in doubt is being put on list for quite some time. I was told that I had successfully passed the interview for faculty in December, but ended up waiting for almost 2 months now for the confirmation of position by the Senate.=( At times, it was difficult. But I trust God as there will always be sunshine behind grey skies. I have started teaching Basic Japanese classes and being pay by hour basis. The classes are exciting. As I have students enjoying my class and sharing thoughts and feelings for the language and making exploration for the country, the people and the culture. It was rewarding in terms of contentment and self-satisfaction for teaching as you have students calling you "Sensei" and can't wait to join your class the following week.^^ However, due to my 'young' look (haha), some students of mine are not convinced that I am able to teach at such young age. Well, what do you think? =p

It can't be helped if I'm looking young as a teacher because I am young! hahaha. you dont get such experience everytime! we all will grow old some day, it is just the matter of time. So let time do its job and as for our part, living life to the fullest is the most important thing to remember!

New year, new resolutions, new hope!

To my family (mummy, sister, little sister),
I always pray for their happiness and good health. Especially my mum, finally it was settled. It's time to move on and get life colorful with new colors! My sister, being married for one year, I hope I can get some nephews and nieces as soon as possible!!!hahaha...and to my dearest little sister, being by yourself, travelling all around the world, fill your eyes and heart with beautiful things and may you always have guardian angels with you to keep you safe.

Both October Babies^^
I love you all.

To my love of life,
Darling, my world has all the wonderful things again with you in it. Thank you for everything and I know, our future will be beautiful as long as we keep our fingers crossed and our heart close to each other. There is no one like you. Be in love and in happiness always just like how you have made my days^^I'm with you till the end.

Life is different with you in it. It's great!

To myself,
There is no easy way to achieve success and happiness in life. Be true to yourself. Love yourself and love those who love you. Treat people with sincerity and you will get hearts full of love back to fill your days with blessings and hope. Do your best in what you do best and have great faith in God that He is there for you to guide you through any obstacles. Smile and believe He has a plan for you!

Like He always has...for my life!

Happy 2011!!! God bless you!


Shahrizal said...

All the best in everything, Ida :)

IDA said...

Rizal-kun, thank you very much for the wish!
keep my fingers crossed!;)

慧慧 said...

happy to see that you are enjoying your wonderful life!

love to read your post as you are such a cheerful girl with positive thinking that will brighten up my day! (^_^)

IDA said...

my dearest hui hui,thank u for ur nice to hear from you.
all the best to u too!^^take care always.;)

Cynthia said...

Hi Ida,

glad to read that life is going great for you :> am sure it will get better! continue to trust in Him :) take care always! and cheers for good life. keep in touch.


Cynthia said...

Hi Ida,

glad to read that life is going great for you :> am sure it will get better! continue to trust in Him :) take care always! and cheers for good life. keep in touch.


!dA アイダ said...

oh thank you cynthia for your comment.sorry for my late reply.hehe.yes, is HIM i trust and keep my faith strong. thank you my dear. I hope you are doing great too!God bless you.
are u back to Kuching? hope to see you around!take great care dear^^

cynthia yong said...

am stil in penang. wil be back in a months time! till then, take care and God bless.