Thursday, September 09, 2010



Finally, 6 weeks had passed in a blink of an time flies!!! First I was busy preparing stuff going to Japan, the next thing i know, I'm back with a heart full of stories to share about what i saw and did in Japan, the beautiful people i met from 13 different countries and the most of all, the wonderful time spent making full use of my Japanese Language.

I sure miss many things about Japan.I'm still missing it.

But undeniably, is always feel so good to be back home.though im not exactly home yet, reached Johor lasnite around 1130p.m. I had started my journey back home since 830a.m. Japan's time and travelled on the plane for more than 7 hours due to two transits.What a day.slept most of the time during the flight from Japan to KK.Then spent the time talking with an uncle from KK to the time flying back from KL to Johor, i slept throughout the flight.Then reached my place in Johor 15 mins before 12 and had a good time chatting with my dear housemates about always great to get a good chat!

Finally, no more waking up before 6am in the i slept till around 8a.m. woke up and did some unpacking. it's already mid sem break for UTM, hardly see any students in Tmn U. I met up with my Japanese Sensei and we decided to have Tendon at Sushi King for lunch. When i tasted the rice, i missed Japan even more!!!! i missed the gohan!!!and the miso soup~and the ocha~ huhu.nothing here can compare to those food which you can get anywhere all around Japan.

Had such a great time sharing with Sensei especially when talking about Tsukuba University. I wish to go study now! but everything still has to wait.and I will wait. Now all i do is focus on my JLPT N1 exam which i had registered for this coming Dec and as what it's important now is to get myself even more ready for my convo, my interview and my exam!!!

Spent the afternoon emailing my sensei in Japan. Before i even message my Homevisit family, i ard got the email from my Okaa-san. It was sooooo nice of her to send me an email concerning whether i have reached and attached a photo which she took during the Closing Ceremony of my 6 weeks programs in Japan.

(That's me receiving my certificate from the Most honourable person of the Kansai Centre.
Okaasan took it.^^)

This two lovely person is my お父さんandお母さん.The guy standing next to me is Ei-san who comes from Shanghai, China is my partner for the Home visit. He's a really nice guy and it's been my pleasure to meet him and as a team in many different activities during the program.

we do have the feeling of a family, dont we?hehe.I love this photo.

I guess things are getting back on track for me now.Rest for another few days i need to start my intensive study for my exam. I'll do my best!!!!



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