Sunday, September 05, 2010

Good bye Pn. Habsah

Today i got to know a really sad news.

A teacher of mine, who was one of my teacher-in-charge for School Club during my secondary school passed away this morning. To my secondary school friends, im sure you know Pn. Habsah who taught Account subject and also IT subject. I heard from my friend it was cancer. I was really sad and i cant believe what i heard.

... ...

I had a nap today because i was not really feeling good. the aircon was too cold eventhough i already adjusted it to 28 degree. i even open my window to get some fresh air the whole day long. I had a sad dream which i dreamt of attending her funeral. It was really unusual as i dont normally dream during nap time.but i guess i was really going to miss her and was thinking about her whole day.

My dear Pn. Habsah,
I will always remember you.
May your soul rest in peace.

God bless your soul.

A sad day for me~ =(


Anonymous said...

It was deeply sad to hear that.. Let's cross our finger and pray that she will be blessed in another world...

hojiayiing said...

i heard too...May she rests in peace her God's good teacher will always be remembered. take care Da.