Monday, August 30, 2010

Loving yourself

Last night, i wrote a post in my fb.

"Sometimes cares fall on deaf ears,sometimes love brings so much hurt,at times hearts seem so near yet is so far and at times u dont understand why.You can never tell a child what is he going to be when he grows up,bt you can tell him how he can be better.I can never know what is there for me tomorrow,but i know i can smile now and make today a day to remember.You only live for once,so do it now!Love yourself~"

In life,so many ups and downs to go through.we never know what is going to happen next.Things can be complicated, things can be simple.It just depends on how you take it i guess. I'm a simple girl i think. simple things can make me very happy. when sometimes things just turn out to be aint as simple as i thought they should be and making my heart sad, i'll just have ice cream!!!haha.funny though...but it works, all-the-time!!! especially oreo cookie vanilla ice cream, it works the best! =p I just love being myself.

It's my final week in Japan.Ill be having my final presentation on Wednesday. There will be a total of three presentations.

1. The Partner University Visit
2. The Interview
3. The Poem

and guess wad, for the interview they actually will make it live on ustream on the internet. This is the first time they do it. But is my first time too! haha.going to present in a formal settings in full japanese!!!

Wanna share my first time with me?? I'll be glad to have you all with me during my presentation.I'll do my best~just dont laugh at my japanese language.hehe^^

here's the time to watch the live stream of my group presentation
, my group will be the second to present so it will be around 1350-1400 i think.

Japan time: 13 30 - 15 40/Malaysia time: 1230 - 1440

im really going to remember all the things i did here in Japan. It is such a life-experiencing. Thanked God for my beautiful life.I'll be having a busy week. After my presentation on Wednesday,i'll be off to KYOTO and NARA!!! cant wait to visit that beautiful place in Japan.but first thing first, presentation preparation!!!~

so im going off to practise my poem...haha.a japanese poem,interesting~

Let's have a beautiful dream tonight.
Nite nite~



clycalvin said...

u r finally back here... haha.

Anonymous said...

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