Thursday, August 26, 2010


Back to Osaka.

A total of 4 hours 32 minutes travelling (I told u already how Japanese are so precise with time^^) with a distance of 666.5km!haha.I'm back safe and sound.A little tired from the travelling but i think il do fine with a good night sleep later~

Finally, I can say, "Tsukuba University, I was there!" Of course if i got the chance i would like to say, "Yea, I'm from Tsukuba University^^" but i guess that's going to be another one or two years before i can know whether I can go. I look forward to it~

This week just pass in a blink of eye! Tomorrow is friday and I'll be having a session to learn about Japanese Drum 太鼓(Taiko). Though i had a little exposure done back in Tsukuba this morning, cant wait to do it again with my UP buddies^^

Take a look at the pictures took this morning for the Japanese Musical Instruments & Odori(dance) exposure.

we had so much fun.the students even did some performances which was overwhelming especially how they perform with such lively spirit!

watch it for yourself and feel the beat!!!

It was cool isnt it?! we all enjoyed ourself^^

guess wad i'm doing now? waiting for my laundry.haha.after a busy week, is time to get my clothes washed especially since i didn bring many of them =p then again wad now? I have to do HOMEWORK~

My reflection of first two weeks

haha.yea, we are required to write memos about what we know about the Japanese Society and Culture(the white memos) and about the Japanese language that we learned*(the blue memos) during a certain period. It's useful to me. At least i get to write out what I see, I hear, I think and I feel~ it sorts out your learning process and you actually see all the pieces as a whole after u finish writing them all out.=)

guess i need to get on with my homework now.hehe.feels nice to have the study feeling even though im "half" officially graduated!hahaha.learning never stops! So always be ready to learn.


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