Sunday, August 29, 2010

A day with myself in OSAKA

I had the most wonderful day yesterday!☆☆~

Since this is my last 2nd weekend in Osaka, i decided to buy myself the one-day pass for Osaka visit which cost me 2300yen and I used it yesterday.

My plan was to visit 6 places,
1. The Teunoji Zoo
2. The Sakuya Great Observatory
3. The Maritime Museum
4. The Stata Maria
5. The Umeda Hep Five Ferrie Wheel
6. The Floating Garden of Osaka

My day trip started at Rinku town where i boarded the 8:47a.m. Nankai Line train.Let me list out my kinda cool as u get to experience how convenient is the Train system in Japan!^^

0847 りんくうタウン(南海線)  天下茶屋(堺筋線)  動物園前
「天王寺動物園」 admission fee: 500yen

1140 動物園前(堺筋線 長堀橋(長堀鶴見緑地線)  鶴見緑地
「咲くやこの花館」 admission fee: 500yen

1303 鶴見緑地(長堀鶴見緑地線)  森ノ宮(中央線)  コスモクエア
「なにわの海の時空館」 admission fee: 600yen

1506 コスモクエア(中央線) 大阪港
「サンタマリア」 admission fee:1600yen

1700 大阪港(中央線)  本町(御堂筋線)  梅田
「HEP FIVE 観覧車」 admission fee: 500yen

「空中庭園展望台」admission fee: 700yen
2050 梅田(御堂筋線)  難波(南海線)  2141 りんくうタウン^^

I was so happy that i managed to visit all these places according to my plan and the trip was so worth it!!!the admission fee was already 4400yen even without the charge of train fees.I had a great time walking around, sightseeing and taking pictures to keep as my memories. I know my mum will be really happy and i might be spending the night telling her about the places i ve been. One day, il bring her and my dear sisters around Japan too^^

I even did some shopping in Umeda Hep Five Shopping mall^^hehe.thought of buying a backpack as mine has a large rip infront.but i cant find anything orange that i like! definitely get something orange for my new bag. I didn got a bag in the end, but i bought a top for myself. simple as it is, i like it^^

It was really a great experience going around the city by myself. I was supposed to meet up with my friends at the Maritime Museum but eventually we failed to do so.without having their numbers,i was unable to contact them. By myself,i did enjoyed my journey and i know this will be one of my most unforgetable day!!!^^

Another 10 more days to go before this program ends and i'll be heading back to Malaysia. Im sure going miss my dayssssss in Japan!!! till i write again, il make sure il spent the rest of my time in Japan to the fullest!!!


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