Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sunday in Japan

After a long day out in Osaka,today i find staying in my room doing pretty much nothing is something i enjoyed too.

woke up as usual at 630am, had a wonderful breakfast like always and started tidying my room~it was kinda messy for me since it was a busy week with the travelling and preparation for presentation.finally,i get a tidy room but still a table full of materials.hmmm~books and table is always full!

well,had a good lunch and a great chit chat with Katie in the centre canteen. It was so much fun chatting with her practically about everything!!!im going to miss her so much!!i know i sure will!~we were talking about our up coming Kyoto.Nara trip when we started to talk about shika, which means deer in Japanese. She was telling me that the shika in Kyoto are like running around the park without even bother about anything.In New Zealand, you cant really see shika cuz they are hiding in the bushes so that they wont be shot by hunters!!! and i was like...what?? I have shika in my Uni but they were in cages so that they wont run around and definitely no one's going to shoot them i think.

then we had this crazy thought that, what if we put the Kyoto's shika to New Zealand, the New Zealand's shika to UTM and UTM's shika to Kyoto.what will the situation be???

so the Kyoto's shika in NZ will be like:" why is everyone shooting at us??why????"
NZ's shika in UTM will be like:"Ouch~why is there cage around us? where's the bushes?where??where??"
lastly,UTM's shika in Kyoto will be going:"Why is this cage so big??I cant see the end of it!u sure??where's the food?" was so funny when we were doing the shika's expression...haha.gosh,tats really funny at that moment!

how funny when even animals are so used to their environment,they actually had their mind set on it.
what more it is for humans?=)
we really should be experiencing and getting to know more before we had our head stuck on to something which might not be the same at different time,different places with different people!!!

is cool though to hang out with her^^I love u KATIE!!!

now,is almost 10pm in Japan which is about one hour earlier in Malaysia.but im feeling a bit sleepy as im doing my stuff for the presentation preparation and having Ume Wain at the same time.It's tasty and smells really good too~^^

Drinking Japanese wine while listening to Japanese songs under the night sky in Japan...this is really something worth remembering!!!

I'm happy. Thank you dear God.

Guess i'll be off to bed soon.Sweet dreams.


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